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We at AstroMerits are very fortunate to be associated with very prominent people in this planet for our rare and powerful Vedic Yagna services as well as for Vedic Astrological divination. Our list of clients for services such as the supremely powerful Dasamahavidya Yagna includes the President of a large and powerful foreign country, a Nobel laureate, Central ministers and Members of the Parliament in New Delhi, Stock brokers and Hedge Fund managers in India, the Caribbean and Manhattan, many members from the business fraternity from across the globe, a celebrity from Jupiter Island in Florida, and a couple of members from the Forbes list of the world’s powerful.

At AstroMerits, our focus remains on the execution of certain rare and risky Vedic Yagnas, which aren’t normally practiced by priests averse to taking personal risks, in a very result oriented manner. By means of the Yagna (both external and internal) we try to manipulate the levels of reality and harness the dynamics of those levels towards the attainment of the goals of our various clients from across the globe, who partake in our Yagnas, from varied religious, linguistic, race and ethnic backgrounds. Through our Yagnas we affirm the underlying unity of the phenomenal world and identify Shakthi, the cosmic power and the cosmic womb (or the formidable condensed cosmic matter before the big bang) with the whole creation.

By gaining the blessings of the fiercest deities through Yagnas, our clients effectively establish their own defense mechanisms against their enemies, all thoughts that are negative in nature and also against any erosion that threatens their prosperity, security, and growth and thus take complete control over their destiny. Our Yagnas have in the past been used to win elections, succeed in lawsuits, remove extreme black magic (such as African/Haitian Voodoo that has animal sacrifices inherent in the ritual), for winning favors from key officials in the Government, awarding of business tenders, removal of various obstacles, success of projects and for achieving business excellence. Stock traders and Hedge Fund Managers constitute a significant proportion of our clients for Ultimate Dasamahavidya Yagna (focusing on deity Dhumavathi) for success in speculations. Our high-voltage Yagnas are increasingly being availed by persons of many different countries across the planet.

We take great pride in our mission, our commitment to Vedic service and we personally trust 100% in the Vedic Solutions we promote. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our Puja, Yagna and Astrology services and to make your purchases. To know more about Vedic Astrology and what is different and unique about AstroMerits.com, please visit our Home page.

We are extremely happy that we already know from many our clients across the globe that we could most likely be the very best in the world at what we do. I wish to conclude by saying that our knowledge and expertise in Vedic Yagnas is practical, and quite hopefully, of significant use to you.



                                       _____Om Tat Sat_____



Contact us for Vedic Yagna services, Vedic Astrological divination, Vedic Solutions, Vedic Services India.We take great pride in our mission, our commitment to Vedic service and we personally trust 100% in the Vedic Solutions we promote. Contact us at 9193 8259 3603, helpdesk@astromerits.com