Venus Puja Remedy for Shukra Dasa - Shukra Puja

Remedy for Venus - Shukra Puja (Venus Pooja) for Shukra Dasa, Shukra Pooja

Venus is covered with a blanket of smothering clouds that prevents any viewing of its surface by any optical aid. For centuries astronomers were having a false notion of the axial rotation of the planet, which they thought was very much like earth. Revelations brought out by space probes to Venus during the past three decades were startling. They revealed that the axial rotation of the planet was slower. Its day is longer than its year! Further it was revolving from east to west, unlike the rest of the planets. Valuable astronomical details about the planet contained in the Vedic Samhitas deserve a deeper study! Astrologically Venus is the planet of love, happiness and enjoyment. Shukra, as Venus is referenced to in Vedic Astrology, if afflicted causes Shukra Dosham. Shukra dosha can cause loss of wealth, wife and happiness and has to be remedied. Shukra Puja, Shukra Yajna, Shukra Homa are especially useful for those in Shukra bhukti or Shukra Mahadasha.

Known by several names like Kavi, Usanas, Bhargava, Kavya,  Kavi-putra and Sita, Sukra is the Indian Venus. Well known as the preceptor of the asuras (titans, demons), the deity is spoken of in legends as the son of sage Brigu and his wife Puloma (hence the name Bhargava). Sukra is capable of reviving the dead (mritha-sanjivi). Sukras tutelary deities are Indira, the chief of gods, and his consort Saci.

The planetary deity Sukra is invoked with the hymn ‘hiranyavarnah suchaya pavakaha’ (Atharva Veda- 1, 33, 1). The rishi of the hymn is Santati; devatha is apah; and chandas is tristup :

Hiranya-varnah shuchaya pavakah yasu jataha savitha yaswagnihe |

Ya agnim garbam dadire suvarnaa stha na apaha sham syona bhavanthu ||

“The Sun and the fire-god were born in bright and luminous water (hiranya-varnah apah) which are pure by nature (suchayah) and purifying by function (pavakah); may those golden hued waters (suvarnah), which bore lightning in their womb (agnim garbham dadhire) bring for us prosperity and happiness (nah sam syonah bhavantu).

The hymn for invoking Indra as the main tutelary deity of Sukra is ‘Indram me visvatas pari’ (Rig Veda-1, 7, 10). This mantra has its rishi Madhucchanda, son of Visvamithra and its devatha Indra; it is in the Gayatri chandas.

Indram ve vishvataspari havamahe janebhyaha |

Asmakam astu kevalaha ||

“We invoke for your sake (vah havamahe), O the priest and participants of the sacrifice (Sayana-“he ritvig-yajamana”), Indra who is stationed above all beings (visvatah janebyaha pari), and may become our fond benefactor (asmakam kevalaha astu)”.

Saci, the consort of Indra, and hence also called Indrani, and the pratyadhidevatha of planetary deity Sukra is invoked by the hymn ‘adityai rasnasi’ (Yajur Veda 1,30). This hymn is visualized by the rishi known as Aditya; the devatha of the hymn is sacrifice personified (Yajna) and the chhandas is Jagathi (nichrd).

Adityai rasna asi vishnoh veshpah asya urja tva adabdena chakshusha ava pasyami |

Agneh jihva asi suhrdevebyo dhamne dhamne me bhava yajuse yajuse ||

“You are the creator of the nourishing fluids for ‘aditi’ the earth (adityai rasna asi); you are the enlivener of all things on the pervading earth (vishnoh vespah asi); you are the very tongue of the god of fire (agneh jihva asi), who presides over the sacrifices. I took upon you with loving eyes (tva adabdhena caksusha ava pasyami). For the sake of divinities (devebhyah, viz. my own organs of sense, which illuminate objects), favor me (my bhava) in every one of the realms that I move in (dhamne dhamne) and in every ritual that I undertake (yajuse yajuse)”.

The benefic component of ‘Shukra Dasha Effects’ are significantly enhanced by the performance of Shukra Puja. Shukra is regarded as a planet that confers immense worldly benefits during its dasha. For instance Shukra gives Graha Yoga (buying of a House), Vahana Yoga (Vehicle for the native), Kalyana Yoga (Marriage, Auspicious events, ceremonies) etc.  The benefits of worshipping Shukra are further enhanced by offering a Shukra Homa or Yajna to God Shukra. With Pujas by AstroMerits, enhance and harvest the prosperous outcomes of having Shukra, as a great benefic in your horoscope.


Venus Puja Remedy for Shukra Dasa - Shukra Puja
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