Tripurasundari Puja - Shodashi Yantra Pooja

High Power Lalitha Tripurasundari Puja with Sri-Yantra, Lalithasahasranama, Lalitha Ashtothram and other Lalitha Mantras

An aspect of Devi which is more widely worshiped in South India is Lalitha Tripurasundari. Repetition of the well known Lalithasahasranama (thousand names) and Trisati (three thousand names), as also the worship of her embelm, the Srichakra are extremely popular. The initiation into her powerful Mantra, the Panchadasaksari (Mantra of 15 letters) is an esoteric rite. Regular worship of the Srichakra is said to yield any result the devotee desires. After initiation of the Sri Vidya Mantras, the disciple goes on into tougher phases and undertakes Srividya Sadhana.

If Durga and Kali represent the aspects of power of the Goddess, Lalitha represents the aspect of beauty. Hence her form is depicted as extremely beautiful and her worship more refined.

According to the Lalitopakhyana of Brahmanda Purana, Lalitha Devi manifested herself in the midst of a disc of extreme brilliance that arose from the sacrificial pit when Indra was performing a sacrifice in honor of her. At the behest of gods assembled there, she chose to wed Kamesvara (Lord Siva). She destroyed the demon Bhandasura and annihilated the city, the Sonitaoutra. Visvakarma, the engineer o f gods, built a gorgeous city ‘Sripura’ on mountain Meru, for her sake, where, along with her spouse Siva Kamesvara, she is residing eternally. The Srichakra actually represents the Devi in this Sripura.

Bhandasura, the shameless demon, living in Sonitapura, the city of blood and flesh, is actually the ego which makes the soul identify itself wit the body estrange itself from all the divine forces. When the Devi, who is the embodiment of God’s power and grace, ‘kills’ it, she is actually liberating it from its stifling limitations.

Lalitha is usually depicted as slightly red in color (as that of the dawn) and extraordinarily beautiful. In her four hands she is holding a bow of sugarcane, arrows and the goad (Ankusha) and the noose (Pasa). Sometimes she is shown holding a wine cup made of diamond. Her left feet, is shown resting on a pedestal, also of diamond.

An account of Lalitha cannot be complete without a few words of description of the Srichakra. The Srichakra is essentially a Yantra form of the deity. It is a rather complicated geometrical figure of fourty three triangles formed by intersection of nine triangles, of which five have their apexes downward and the other four upward. This is surrounded by concentric circles with eight and sixteen lotus petals. The whole figure is skirted by a square of three lines with openings in the middle of each side. There is a dot in the centre of the entire diagram.

The dot represents the combination of Siva and Sakthi, as also the first throb, which gradually gathers momentum and gets concentrated into a polarization of Siva and Sakthi, but continuing to keep the original Siva-Sakthi combination also. The process repeats continuously resulting in various levels of creation, which are depicted by different triangles and lotus petals. The Srichakra can be used for permanent worship either in the form of a Yantra (two dimensional engraved figure) or in the form of a Meru (three dimensional embossed figure).              

Worship Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari with us and enliven the spirit of righteous sacred life as prescribed in the Dharma Shastras. See the brighter light, get the bigger picture and take the first significant step towards spiritual awakening. Worship Srividya in her heavenly abode encapsulated in the Sri Yantra, with Lalita Sahasranama. See the online Puja for Srividya from anywhere in the world and get the sanctified Sri Yantra used in the Puja shipped to your address (at no additional costs).

Tripurasundari Puja - Shodashi Yantra Pooja
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