Travel Astrology - Pilgrimage - Foreign Travel Horoscope

Travel Astrology, Pilgrimage and Foreign Travel Horoscope

Travelling essentially is going out of one’s home for some purpose. Travels are an important part of one’s life. Ranging from Pilgrimages to overseas business meetings, travels can bring a life changing on a person. The branch of Vedic Astrology dealing with all kinds of travels is called Travel Astrology. There are four kinds of travels which are common:

  • Travel within one’s city is given by Lagna lord, Third Lord and their placements in Navamsha chart.
  • Out of city travel is indicated by the Seventh house, Third house and their lords.
  • Pilgrimage is indicated by Ninth & Tenth houses
  • Travel to foreign countries is indicated by the Third, Seventh, Ninth and Twelfth houses and their lords.

The Prasna Lagna may have a lond or short period, which indicates the period of the travel. The Seventh house indicates the place of journey and return there from; Tenth house indicates the object of the journey; Third house indicates short journey and Ninth represents long journey.

Mars and Moon are the karaka for journey by train and the houses are Third and Seventh. Saturn (Vata Tatwa) and Jupiter (Akasha Tatvwa) indicate journey by Air. Journey through water requires involvement of Eighth house and watery signs, particularly Scorpio. The usual questions that are put to us regarding Travel are given below:

  • Will I go on a Journey?
  • Will there be any trouble during the travel?
  • When should I undertake this pilgrimage?
  • Will I achieve my object of travel?
  • What is the direction of travel?
  • Will I get to travel to North America as a part of my Project in my company?

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Travel Astrology - Pilgrimage - Foreign Travel Horoscope
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