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Surya Puja, Surya Pooja, Sun Worship, Sun God - Om Suryaya Namah

The Sun in Vedic Astrology is referred to as Surya. The word ‘Surya’ means ‘promoter’. Sun, as the lord of nine Grahas or lord of Navagrahas, is identical with the supreme Vishnu. And the famous Gayathri Mantra, the most powerful and famous of all Surya Mantras is dedicated to Savitr, the aspect of Sun just before sunrise. Tantrics interpret the symbol of Swastika to represent the movement of the Sun with the four arms to represent its position at midnight, sunrise, noon and sunset. Our ancestors used to perform Surya Namaskara with the various Surya Namaskar Mantras. Surya Namaskara is an excellent tool to alleviate any malefic effects of Surya Mahadasha.  A volley of scientific information underlying our ancient beliefs regarding our Sun is now being projected by erudite scholars. One among them is the prayer to the Sun found in Sayanabhasya (14 th century) that glorifies the Sun as one blessing us with rays travelling at a speed of 2202 yojanas per half a nimisha. A yojana being 9.0625 miles and a nimisha 0.144286 seconds, this works out the speed of light to be 185,016.169 miles per second mostly agreeing with the modern value of 186,282.397 miles per second. promotes the living world. He gives light, produces day and night, gives power and strength to the living beings, makes them active and destroys their laziness and disease.  The significance of Surya or the Sun in the Indian thought is not only as one of the

The worship of Surya, both as a pratyakshadevata and as a parampurusha goes back at antiquity reaches the remotest past. It has bee estimated that a little more than fifteen percent of the Rigvedic corpus is dedicated to Surya. The author of Brihat-Samhitha (a famous work in the field of Astrology), Varahamihira (about 550 AD) was a devotee of Surya, and his work contains an iconographic account of Surya, and also other puranas like Vishnu-dharamottara, Skanda Agni and Varaha. Sculptural manuals like Asumadbhedagama and Silpa-ratna contain iconographic particulars of the Surya image. The famous temple at Konarka, built by the eastern Ganga monarch Narasimha 1 of Orissa (1138-1164) is a great place for worshipping Surya-Vishnu. Propitiating Vishnu hence is also a very good suggestion for a native with an afflicted Sun in the Horoscope.

At AstroMerits, when we propitiate a particular graha out of the nine planets, we also perform pujas (Surya Puja, Surya Yajna and Homam) and to propitiate their tutelary deities (adhidevatha & pratyatidevatha). The adherents of Rigveda have RV, 1, 35, 2 as the hymn to Surya. The hymn to Surya:

Aa Krishnena rajasa varthamano

Niveshayan amritham marthyam cha|

Hirannymena savitha rathena

Devo yathi bhuvnathi pashyann||

The sage who visualized this hymn (mantra rishi) was Hiranyastupa-Angirasa, and the deity eulogized here is Savitr from the Surya. The hymn is in the tristup meter (chandas). The meaning of the hymn is as follows “The shining God pervades the universe with his power of attraction, abiding also as the inner gnosis, and establishing the immortal and mortal aspects of the Universe, comes along in his golden chariot (representing the illuminating gnosis), beholding the worlds.”

The hymn to Isvara (viz. Rudra, Siva) as the main tutelary deity of Surya, is as follows:

Aa vo rajanamadvaasya rudram

Hotharam sathyayajam rodasyoho |

Agnim pura tanyitnorachitha-

Duiranyarupauamvase krinudhvam ||

The rishi of this hymn is Vamadeva; devatha Rudra (or Agni) and chandas tristup. The mantra calls for the sacrificing priests to worship ( a krnudhvam) and the terrible one (rudram), the golden colored Agni, who invokes the Gods for the sacrifice (adhvarasya hotharam) and who is the bestower of true food for the earth as well as for the heavens ( rodasyo satyayajam), for their own welfare (vah avase), before the lightening like death strikes them (tanayitnoh acittat).

The hymn in Rig-Veda( 1, 12, 1) is prescribed for Agni, the secondary tutelary deity of Surya.

Agnim dutam vrinimahe

Hotharam vishvavedsam |

Asya yajnasya sukrathum ||

The rishi of this hymn is Medhatithi-kanva; the devatha Agni, and the chandas Gayathri.

“We choose (adore) and invoke the omniscient (vishvavedasam) Agni, who is the messenger (dutam) of Gods, their invoker in sacrifices (hotharam) and the one who knows well the method of this sacrifice (asya yajnasya sukrathum)”.

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Surya Puja - Surya Pooja - Sun Worship - Surya Yajna
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