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Play the stock market/currency market? Want to know the stock market astrological predictions customized for you? In Vedic Astrology, for queries regarding profit or loss in Speculative activity, we consider the Second, Eleventh, Fifth and the Seventh houses. If strong benefices are posited in the above houses, the native will gain. If malefic are posited in these houses the native suffers loss of wealth. The Fifth house is eleventh from Seventh house, the gain of the opponent. In Prasna Astrology, if the Lagna happens to be a Shirshodaya sign, occupied by benefic planets, there will be gain.

Coming to analyzing Forex Market, Stock Market, Commodities Market and the Money Markets speculation by Prasna method, The Lagna and its lord represents the purchaser, the eleventh and eleventh lord is the seller (mostly a trader, not a long term investor), the Second house and it’s lord constitute the long term investors who sell their holdings and liquidate their positions. The Sixth house and the Sixth lord represent the loss of ‘other parties’, in this case the market at large. When Lagna and its lord is stronger, the native gains Lagna lord, shares are to be sold and profit must be booked.

In case a person is already an equity holder, then when he puts the question to the Astrologer, the Lagna and its lord represents the seller as the person who puts the question is the Lagna and Lagna lord in Prasna Astrology. Also the seventh house and its lord represent the broking company/broker.

To answer a particular question like: 

Should I invest in stocks?

The Karaka for the particular aspect/sector should be considered. The Karakas for some common forms of investment are given below:

Mars- For the purchase of House or Landed property

Venus- Vehicles

Mercury- General trading/Commodities.

Saturn- Production/Factory

Moon- Liquid/Chemicals

Jupiter- Stock Markets.

Should I invest in ABC we can associate certain sectors to planets?

In Stock Market Astrological Predictions as per Vedic Astrology, Un-afflicted Mercury in Birth Chart will help a person profit out of Telecommunication Shares over a long enough period of time. He will be able to buy the telecom shares cheap and exit when the share price tops out. The overall movement of the market is a much more complex phenomenon, enough research and Astrological data is being analyzed by us at AstroMerits, we have identifying the variables, we see some positive correlation, we expect to come out only after testing our Hypothesis over very large sample space, across markets across the globe.

Comprehend your gain/loss prospects in speculation with our expert Astrologers. To feel proud about your self, you need to put your future in safe hands!

Speculation Astrology - Share Market Astrology Predictions
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