Shree Yantra Puja - Sri Chakra Pooja - Shri Yantra Puja

Shree Yantra Puja, Sri Chakra Pooja, Shri Yantra Puja, Shree Yantra Puja

Sri Yantra is the most important Symbol in the worship of the Divine Mother. Durga, Kali and Lalitha are the three forms of Parvathi which are most widely used for worship. The Sri Chakra is the symbol of the Lalitha aspect of the Divine Mother. It is essentially a Yantra, a geometrical figure symbolizing the goddess as the queen adorning her abode the Maha Meru. Lalitha Tripurasundari is third in the hierarchy of the Dasha Mahavidyas and is pure consciousness and divine knowledge. She is the Adhi-Shakthi, i.e. mother of mothers: Saraswathy, Lakshmi and Parvathi. She is also worshipped as Raja-Rajeshwari and Sri-Vidya. She adorns the Bindu stana in the Sri Yantra, which like a dicotyledonous seed, encapsulates the Siva-Sakthi concept.

What we see in a Sri Yantra is divine; it is the Universe itself, right from the stage of Ovulation. It represents the Absolute in its entirety. Five downward pointing Sakthi triangles and four upward pointing Saktha triangles interlock in Sri Yantra to form the most dynamic of all Yantras. The top central point in the Sri Yantra is surrounded by countless female deities including the sixteen Nithya Devis. The triangles in the Sri Yantra represent the tanmatras: Sound, touch, taste, sight and smell; pancha mahaboothas: air, water, fire, ether and earth; the five sense organs: ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose; five organs of action: hand, feet, mouth, genitals and anus; and skin, nerves, flesh, fat and bones in the Human body. Intersections of male and female principles produce the phenomenal world.

The Sri Chakra can be used for permanent worship as a 2-D Yantra or a 3-D Maha Meru Sri Yantra. The yantra can be drawn on Bhojapathra, plates of copper, silver or gold. The Meru is made using the panchaloha (alloy of five different metals- gold, silver, tin, copper and lead). Tripurasundari Upasana is a combination of the bhakthi, Jnana and Karma paths; do not run away from your senses but use them to release from the bondage.

At AstroMerits, worship the Mother Goddess using the methods elaborately dealt with in Tantric works such as Tantra Raja Tantra, Bhavanopanishad, Sri Vidhyarnava Tantra, Varivasya Rahasya, Mantra Mahodadhi, Sri Tatva Nidhi, Sri Shodashi Kagnava Tantra etc. The procedure for the Sri Yantra Puja and Sri Chakra Yajna is very different from the conventional Vedic Pujas. The different Avaranas (layers) of the Sri Yantra are worshipped individually and each has its own Mantra and significations. For instance the first Avarana is called the ‘Trilokya Mohana Chakramand this Aavarana can confer the Dasha Maha Siddhis. Each avaranas have to be worshipped with special Mudras (hand gestures) and each has its own presiding deity.     

Appoint AstroMerits to bond your with the super conscious divine force, the Goddess Supreme, the Heavenly Mother.  You can see the Sri Yantra Puja being done online at AstroMerits and will also receive the Sri Chakra Yantra used for worship at your shipping address.. Obtain the best knowledge, power, wisdom and strength in your existence on earth and realize the supreme self. Cultivate heavenly feelings and connect to the divine force.


Shree Yantra Puja - Sri Chakra Pooja - Shri Yantra Puja
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