Shani Dasha and Sadhe Sati Remedy - Shani Puja - Saturn Pooja

Shani Puja (Shani Pooja) Remedy for Sadhe Sati (Sade Sati) and Shani Dasha

Saturn in Vedic astrology is perhaps the most dreaded of all planets. Shani Dosha and Sade Sati are two common afflictions caused by Saturn. Padmapurana states that Samjana wife of Surya, could not bear the brilliant lustre of Surya is said to have created a shadow image of herself, Chaya who with through the Sun brought forth the child Shanischara, meaning slow moving. It is stated that the curse of Parvathi made him cruel and ruinous if he chooses to look straight. This is the reason why remedies for Saturn is non negotiable for anybody desirous of having a comfortable Shani Mahadasha or Saurn Antardasha. Performance of  Shani Puja, Shani Yajna or Homa can greatly reduce the malefic influences caused by Shani graha by way of Sadhe Sati (Sade Sati) and are thus good remedies for Saturn. 

Astronomically, Saturn is a peculiar planet with its rings and they enhance its beauty as a celestial spectacle of rare nature. It has the same gaseous composition as Jupiter and receives lesser heat and light from the Sun. One of its moons, Titan even has an atmosphere of its own. Perhaps it may be that the rings, for most of the time obstruct the full view of the planet. It will be interesting to note that Lino Picardi, the Italian scientist proved that when the rays of Saturn were projected through a blue sapphire to a culture of bacteria, they could grow or multiply.

Also called Shanischara, Sauri (son of Surya), Chayatmaja (son of Chaya, the consort of Surya and shadow of Samjana), Nilambara (one who dons blue garments), Manda (slow), Ara, Kroda, Vakra (crooked), Saptamsu (one with seven rays), Asita (the black one) and Pangu (lame), Shani is the Indian Saturn. Shani has been cursed that whatever he looks at will be destroyed. He is highly feared by all for the same reason. This is stated in the sloka below:

Tvaya drishtam tu yadathu muta sarvam vinashyathi |

Post the curse, Shani’s look became cruel and ruinous; he therefore keeps his head bent, for fear of causing injury to living beings, as mentioned in he sloka below:

Tena mathrnu pashyami kinchidvasthu svachakshusha |

Tataha prabrathi namrasyaha pranahimsabyadaham ||

Shani’s tutellary deities are Prajapathi (adhidevatha) and Yama (Pratyadidevatha). Prajapathi is a variant form of Brahma and Yama is the God of death and the principle of Time.

The planetary deity Shani is invoked with the well known hymn ‘Sam no devi’ (Rig Veda 10, 9, 4, which occurs extensively in our scriptural literature). The rishi of this hymn is trishirsha, son of Sindhudvipa; devathas are the water spirits (apaha); and the chandas is gayathri.

Sham no devirabhishtaye aapo bhavantu pithayee |

Sham yo rabisravantunaha ||

“May the water divinities (devih apah) be favorable to us (viz. secure our welfare, abhishtaye) and be suitable for drinking (pithaye); may they eliminate diseases (sam yoh); and descend on us (nah abhi sravanthu)”.

A hymn ‘yah prathamah pravatham’( Atharva Veda- 6, 28, 3) is used for propitiating Yama. Brigu is the rishi, Yama is the devatha and the chandas is Jagathi.

Yah prathamaha pravhthmasasad bahubyaha pantham anupaspasanah |

Yosyeshe dwipado yaschatushpadastasmay yamaya namo asthu mtithyave ||

“I bow down to Yama, the god of death (mrithyave), who has become the forerunner (prathamah) many who seek out the path to the beyond (bahubyah pantham aupaspasanah pravatham), and who regulates (ise) all these bipeds (dvipadah, viz. human beings) and quadrupeds (catuspadah, viz. animals)”.              

The devatha of a well known suktha in Rig-Veda (mandala 10, Suktha 121), known after Hiranyagarbha, is Prajapathi, who is designated by the word ‘ka’ (kasabdabhidheyah prajapathir devatha’). Prajapathi was so designated because, according to Aitaraya-brahmana, 12, 21, IndraVrtra who he was (kah); and Prajapathi answered him:

Kohamihi yadaivaitadvoch ithyabrittato vai ko nama prajapatirbhavath |

All the six riks in this suktha are called ‘prajapatyah’. The rishi of the suktha is designated as Hiranyagarbha, son of Prajapathi; the devatha is ‘kah’ (viz. PrajapathiI); and the chandas is tristup :

Prajapathe na tvadetananyo vishva jathani pri tha babuva |

Yatkamasthe juhusthanno asthu vayam syama pathayo rayinaam ||

“O Prajapathi, no one besides you (tvad anyaha) would be competent to create all this manifold Universe (etani visva jatani tan a pari babuva). May we fulfill all our desires (tat nah astu), to satisfy which we approach you with offerings (yatkamah te juhumah), and may we lord over the riches (vayam ca rayinam patayah syama) “     

Have a Shani Puja (Shani Pooja), Homa (Shani Homam) or Yajna (Shani Yajna) done for you AstroMerits. Take away the malefic influences of the Sade Sati (Sadhe Sati) or malefic Shani Dasha off your Life.


Shani Dasha and Sadhe Sati Remedy - Shani Puja - Saturn Pooja
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