Sarbeshwara Puja for Victory over Enemies

Sarbeshwara Puja, Lord Sarbheshwara Pooja for Victory over Enemies

Lord Sarbeshwara is a terrific aspect of Lord Siva, akin to Narasimha Avathara of Lord Vishnu. Sarbhesamurthy depicts Siva as Sharbha, a very ferocious animal, more ferocious than the King of the animals, Lion. Worship of Sarbeshwarar with Sarbha Mantra (Sharaba Mantra) is sought to protect oneself against destructive forces in the world and one’s internal and external enemies. Internal enemies may be our own thoughts or preconceived notions/habits/addictions on certain things. External enemies are the ones we face in our day to day life. Worship Sarbheshwara, the fiercest form of Lord Siva and win over your internal and external enemies.


Sarbeshwara Puja for Victory over Enemies
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