Remedy for Rahu Dosham - Rahu Puja

Rahu Puja (Rahu Pooja) for Rahu Dosha and Kal Sarp Dosh Remedy

In Indian Vedic Astrology, Rahu is known by such names as Tamas, Svarbhanu, Simhikeya, Vidhuntuda, Asra-pisaca , Graha kallola, Sirsaka and Upaplava. Rahu is exclusive to Indian Astrology and is worshipped as one of the navagrahas. Rahu is regarded as one of the malefic planets in Indian Astrology remedy for Rahu in charts where there is Rahu Dosha is highly recommended. Remedy of Rahu is also recommended during the mahadasha of Rahu and also to reduce the malefic Rahu antardasha effects. In charts with Kalsarp Yog/Rahu Ketu Dosha, Rahu Ketu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja is highly recommended.

Described as a ‘shadow-planet’ (Chaya graha), it is the ascending node of moon, the point where the moon’s orbit crossed the elliptic; it is also called Dragon’s head. Puranas tells us that Rahu guilefully assumed the form of a God to drink the celestial drink of Soma, which confers immortality. As he began to drink, his cover was blown by Surya and Chandra, who reported the same to Vishnu. Vishnu thereof cut Rahu’s head with his discus. The mouth had already tasted Soma, so the head became immortal. Rahu’s head was made a planet by Brahma; the body which hadn’t tasted fell of on the ground and became the planet Ketu.

The tutelary deities of Rahu are given as Kala (adhidevatha) and Sarpa (pratyadidevatha). His vedic metre is Anushtup, and his gothra Paithinasa.

The invocatory hymn for Rahu employed by the Vedins is ‘Kaya nas chiram’ (Rig Veda 4, 31, 1).

Kaya nashichatra aa bhuvaduthi sadavridaha sakha |

Kaya suchishtaya vrutha ||

The rishi of this hymn is Vamadeva, the devatha is Indra, and the chandas is Gayathri. The hymn is prescribed to be recited as anuvaka mantra in the ritual (isti) known as Varuna-praghasa.    

Kala (time) as the adidevatha of Rahu is ferocious in appearance, with a fierce face, dark complexion. His body hairs are snakes and scorpions. He carries in his two hands noose and cudgel.

Kalaha karalavadanau niangashachatibhishataha |

Pasadanddharaha karyaha sarpavrishchakaromavan ||

Kala is invoked using the hymn ‘Karsirasi samudrasya’ (Taittariya-samhitha 1, 3, 13, 2)

Karshirasi samudrasya tva shiptya unnyami |

Samapoadibhargmat samoshadibirosahdihe ||

The rishi of hymn is Medhatithi; the devatha is Praja (people); and chandas is Anustup.

O people, you are capable of yoking the plough and till (Karshihe asi). I life you up well indeed (sam ut nayami) into the mid region to make it perfect (samudraya aksitysi). Procure well (sam agmatha) water from water (adbhih apah), and herbs from herbs (oshadibihe oshadihe).

The serpents as the pratyadhidevathas of Rahu are, shown with one hood or three hoods; the form is human, with curved tails. They are terrible in aspect, although they carry rosaries.

Akshasutradharaha sarpaha kundikapucchabhushanaha |

Yekabhogatribhoga va sarva karyascha bhishanaha ||

The Vedic Pundits recite the hymn ‘a yam gauh’ (Rig Veda 10,189, 1) while propitiating rahus pratyadidevatha, namely sarpa. The rishi of the hymn is given as Sarparajni (the serpent queen), and the devata is Surya (the sovereign god of Snakes). The chandas of the mantra is Gayathri.

Aa yam gouhu prishnirakrami dasadanmatharam puraha |

Pitharam cha prayantsuvaha ||

“This Sun (ayam), who is on the move all the time (gauhu,’gamana-silaha’), and who has diverse rays (prishnih) has arrived (a akramit); He is stationed (asadat) in the eastern horizon (puraha) and near the earth, which is the regulator of all creatures (matharam). He moves fast and in a grand gait (prayan suvaha) towards the mid-region (pitharam dyaus).    

If you possess a malefic Rahu in your Horoscope ( or have Kal Sarp Yog) and if you happen to be running Rahu mahadasha, then it is best to do the Puja remedy of rahu has to be done at the earliest. A malefic Rahu occupying improper unsuitable houses and under malefic aspects and avasta has to be dreaded. Rahu has the capability to cause sudden and violent changes to a native’s life. If remedified, Rahu can give great material gain such as money, fame, foreign trips and power. You can book your online Rahu Puja (Rahu Pooja) with us and appease Rahu deva.


Remedy for Rahu Dosham - Rahu Puja
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