Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology, Relationship Horoscope

Many of us at certain time of our respective lives come across situations when we experience strain in relationships with important persons in our lives. The entire gamut of such causes, experiences and effects are considered under Relationship Astrology. Just to give you a feel of things, some common situations are given hereunder:

  • You had a quarrel with your closest friend
  • Relationship with your brother not good recently
  • Bad Boss causing lot of trouble
  • Subordinates not understanding
  • Problems with your wife …

Anything that has to do with any form of Relationship can be analyzed in depth in Vedic Astrology. Major problems with seemingly impossible solutions in real life can be soled easily when analyzed from the astrological angle. For instance, a relationship with your ‘mother’ can be investigated by studying fourth house (Mathru Bhava) from Lagna and AL, Moon (Signifactor for Mother), Mathrukaraka planet, the Chaturtamsa chart (D4) etc. Post analysis, effective remedies, Pujas and Yajnas can sort out the relationship issues, bring in cohesiveness and help maintain a healthy relationship with your dear and near.     

Note: When studying relationships, it is best if the Birth Information of both the parties are given to help us predict more accurately. However, if the Birth Information is unavailable for some reason, we will conduct a ‘Prashna’ at no additional cost and predict the effective course of action to be adopted.

Relationship Astrology
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