Puja to Alakshmi

Puja to Aalakshmi- The God of Poverty

Alakshmi is just the opposite of Lakshmi. She is misfortune personified. She is Goddess Dhumavati of the Dasamahavidyas. She is also born during the churning of ocean. She appeared earlier than Lakshmi and hence elder; she is also called Jyestha (the elder one). A sage, Dussaha (meaning the ‘unbearable’) married her. Adharma (unrighteousness) is her son. She is pictured as an old hag riding an ass. She has a broom in her hand. A crow adorns her banner. Her image finds a place in temples. When propitiated she can dispel evil and grant prosperity!

Sometimes Jyestha devi is identified with Lakshmi herself. Since the created world is a mixture of opposites and things happen in a cyclic order, both fortune and misfortune are two sides of the same coin. Being part and parcel of this creation and hence of our life, misfortune is no less divinely ordained than fortune. It is perhaps to teach us this great fact of life that even misfortune has been defied. Aalakshmi Puja provides a person with absolutely great wealth, and is a highly intensive Pooja.

Experience Alakshmi Puja online with AstroMerits. Let the Divine chants of Mahalakshmi and Jyeshtalakshmi mantras instill immense wealth in your wonderful life.


Puja to Alakshmi
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