Puja for Moon - Remedy for Moon

Puja for Moon/ Chandra Pooja/Vedic Remedy for Moon

Moon in Vedic Astrology is referred to as ‘Chandra. Chandra, the Vedic Astrological Moon means the allurer or one who delights. He allures the Jeeva who is hungering for the lure of sense objects offered by the world. Chandra is our nearest celestial neighbor. It is a satellite of the earth and revolves the earth at a mean distance of 384,402kms, almost keeping the same face to us. Thus when it comes in between our earth and the Sun, Amavasya (New Moon day) is caused with no light of the Sun falling on its visible face to get it reflected back to the earth. However, when earth comes in between Sun and the Moon, light from the Sun illuminates the face of the Moon visible to us causing a Full Moon or Pournami. The lunar day or Thithi corresponds to phases of the Moon. Mathematically, it is the measure of progress of the Moon, in its orbit along the zodiacal belt, over the position of the Sun.

The mind controls the behavior, social and personal activities of the humans. As proclaimed by seers, the Moon, occupying pre-eminent position in Indian Astrology, is born out of the mind of the Purusha. ‘Chandramamanasojataha’. The mental evolution of Human Beings is looked after by Chandra.

Saradha-tilaka-tantra has this dhyana-sloka:

Karpuraspatikavadatamanisham purnendubimbananam

Mukthadamavibushitena vapusha nirmulayantam tamaha|

Hastabyam kumudam varam cha dhathatam nilalakodabasitam

Swasyangakasthamrigoothashrayagunam somam sudabdim bhaje||

In this verse, Chandra is described as being an ocean of ambrosia and having his face in the form of a full lunar orb; by his very body he removes the darkness of the worlds. He holds in one hand a kumudha flower (blue lotus), and his other hand assumes the gesture of boon-bestowal. On his lap is the young antelope. He is Soma, because he is associated with Uma, as his tutelary deity (sa-uma).

The hymn for adoring Chandra is:

Aa pyayaswa samethu te

Vishwataha soma vrishnayam|

Bava vajasya sangathe||    

This is the sixteenth hymn (rik) in the suktha containing 23 hymns in the Rig Veda (1, 91, 16), all eulogizing the devata Soma (viz.Chandra), visualized by sage (rishi) Gotamarahugana. The hymn is in the Gayathri chandas. It addresses Chandra and prays for procuring and supplying nourishment for us. Similarly the tutelary gods Adi-devatha Uma and Pratyadi-devatha Jala (water-divinity) is invoked using various mantras in RigVeda.

The Vedic scholars, mainly the Sama-Vedins and Atharva-Vedins employ the famous hymn ‘apo hi stha’ (Sama Veda 2, 9, 2, 10, 1 and Atharva-Veda 1, 5, 1) for propitiating adhidevatha Uma. The hymn was visualized by the sage Trisiras. The devatha of the hymn are water Gods (apah) and the chandas is Gayathri.

O the water deities (apah), you stay (stha) as the sources of happiness (mayo-bhuvah), and therefore (hi), mightily endowed as you are (tah), make us worthy of great prosperity (na urje dadathana), and render us fit for great and lovely vision (mahe ranyaya chakshashe)” 

 The second tutelary deity of Chandra is Jala or the water-divinity. It is invoked by the hymn ‘apsu me’ (Rig Veda, 1, 23, 20).

Apsu me somo abravedant-

Vrisvani beshaja |

Agnim cha vishvambuvamapascha

Vishvabeshajihe ||

The hymn is included in the Sukta call Tivra, which consists of twenty four hymns. The rishi of the entire collection is Medhatithi-kanava; the devatas as well as the chandas are numerous. The devata of this particular hymn is water God (apah), and the chandas is anustup. The hymn is used as puronuvakya-mantra in the Kariri-ritual when the offerings are made (ajyabhaga-homa).

Soma has told me (abravit) that in the waters are all the medicines (vishvani beshaja), that in the waters resides Agni who secures happiness for all (vishva-sambhuvam); and that water is of the nature of the all-healer (visva-bhesaji).”  Soma here is Chandra who presides over waters and medicinal herbs.

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Puja for Moon - Remedy for Moon
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