Puja for Lord Murugan

Puja for Lord Murugan, Murugan Prayers, Murugan Pooja for Mars Dosha

Historically speaking Subramanya or Lord Murugan has been mentioned in stone inscriptions and shown in coins and was well known the North of India, but unlike his brother Ganapati who is universally revered and has succeeded in going abroad to many countries of South East Asia, China, Japan and Afghanistan, Subramanya has somehow remained confined to the South of India.

Lord Muruga is stated to have been born in a forest of arrow like grass (hence the name Saravanabhava) and reared by six divine mothers of the constellation Krittika (Pleiades). Hence the names Karthikeya. He assumed six faces to suckle the milk of the six mothers and so got the appellation ‘Shanmukha. He was appointed commander-in-chief of gods and thus became Devasenapathi. With his matchless weapon ‘Sakthi’ or lance, shining brightly like fire, he easily destroyed Tarakasura, thus becoming Saktidhara. Being very young and virile he is Kumara or Sanatkumara. A forceful attacker in war, he is known as ‘Skanda’. Skanda also means who has accumulated the power of chastity. He likes holy people ‘Brahmanas’ and is good to them. Hence he is ‘Subramanya’. Once he broke down Krauncha-parvatha (a mountain) earning the name Kraunchabhetta. At another time he exposed Brahmas ignorance the Vedas and hence got the name Brahma-Sastha. His outer names are Guha (the secret one), Gangeya Swaminatha (the preceptor of his own father). In icons he is shown as a boy and his peacock is also prominently displayed.

Blue color is generally attributed to the infinity. All infinite expanses in nature appear to be blue in color to Human perception; for example the sky and the ocean. The blue color of Subramanya represents the infinite reality that exists as the spiritual essence in all human beings. Again the peacock-vehicle of Shanmukha is blue in color. The peacock is acclaimed to be the vainest living creature. The peacock is shown clutching serpent with its claws. The serpent represents ego, the fleshy carnal personality of man which tempts him to use his material equipments for seeking the fleeting pleasures of pluralistic world. Like the serpent the ego crawls in darkness created by man’s ignorance of Supreme Light. Serpent carries poison in fangs but it is interesting to observe that the poison is for its own protection. Similarly the ego carries with it the poisonous mind, which, when focused on one’s material vestures, assumes the vanity of ‘mine-ness’. The same mind can be intelligently used for evolving oneself by changing its focus of concentration from body, mind and intellect to the Supreme Self. The ego is not destroyed is channelized to discover the Supreme Self.

Worshipping Lord Muruga (with Lord Murugan Puja is recommended for Mars afflictions in a native chart. Worshipping Muruga confers courage, wisdom and annihilates destructive tendencies and enemies. Subramanya unveils the divine self to his worshippers. Worship Lord Muruga at AstroMerits to get rid of Kuja Dosha and remove any Mars Dosha and afflictions from your Horoscope.


Puja for Lord Murugan
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