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A good Astrologer is just like a very close friend. You can share your most personal queries, worries, doubts, apprehensions, dreams, and aspirations; just about anything that you would like to, can be shared in absolute confidentiality. Astrologers at AstroMerits give truly personal predictions by analyzing your personal horoscope.

For Personal Astrology Predictions, you are allowed to ask us three personal questions, which can be like:

  • When will I have a baby?
  • Should I adopt a baby?
  • Is my Partner having an affair with some other person?
  • Will I have a male child?
  • Is there second marriage for me?
  • Will my love affair materialize?
  • I lost a valuable article, was it stolen, if so what are the characteristics of the thief?
  • Will the patient survive the heart attack?
  • Can I have overdraft facility sanctioned by my banker for my business?
  • Will I be able to clear off my loan?

Many of the questions are answered based on your personal horoscope or birth chart. The rest are answered by 'Prashna' astrology.

You are welcome to ask anything from us. Put your questions down. Quiz us, make the most of us. Throw the toughest questions, Personal Astrology at AstroMerits is very simple, if you have a personal question, we will give you a very personal answer. Address all your personal to us queries today. Let us find solutions together to your personal problems.

Personal Astrology
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