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Puja Recommendation recommends the Pujas (Poojas), Homam or Yajna to best suit your requirements, based on indepth analysis of your horoscope and the porblems and requirements at this stage. Your Horoscope will be scrutinized, weak points studied, strong points analyzed. Pujas will be aimed at boosting your strength and minimizing your weaknesses. Normally multiple pujas should be necessary for nullifying all afflictions and boosting wellness. Since the costs associated with performing multiple pujas are lesser than for a single puja performed in isolation, the benefit will be passed on to you in the form of discounts. Puja recomendation is a free service if the pujas are done through AstroMerits, the charges for Puja Recomendation is refundable, if the pujas are to be performed by our Vedic preists. All rite performed at AstroMerits are Online Pujas, Online Homas and Yajnas transmitted online in real time and can be seen from any part of the world with a high degree of Voice and Video clarity.

You will also get to know the costs associated with having the pujas performed in your location (this will include the costs associated with transportation, time/distance of travel, tickets, visas etc and may be suitable for Societies, Successful Individuals etc). It is best if you can call us at our contact numbers to discuss furthur

Please Note: Also only 'value yajnas' and above are performed are performed at client locations. This service is not applicable to ordinary pujas, homas etc. 

Online Puja Service - Vedic Pooja Recommendation
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