Multi-Purpose Yantra Recommendation Design and Provision

Custom design of Yantras, Pujas for energization and Live Guidance for Puja/Installation

Yantras are mystical diagrams used for worship.  Kaulavali Tantra says:

Yantram manta-mayam proktham mantratma devataiva hi

Dehatmanor yatha bhedo yantra devatayos tatha

The essence of Yantra is Mantra; the Devatha is Mantra. The distinction between Yantra and god is that between the body and the soul. The diagram when energized by infusing the deity’s soul into the Yantra. This process is called Prana Pratishta (The word Pratishta is derived from Prathi and Stha = Stay, act of establishing something firmly). Yantra, that you purchase from an incompetent person would not have the desired effect. Yantras are useless if not created by a qualified person and then infused with energy via the medium of mantras and elaborate pujas. Otherwise, yantra is just an interesting picture to look at, and it is waste of time to use it under specific circumstances for fruitful results.

Here at AstroMerits, Yantras (sacred amulet) are made by the most learned scholars of the Agama Shastras,Yantra, stimulating resonance within the Yantra according to its form and design. Specific knowledge and ability goes into their preparation with absolute dedication and elaborate puja proceedings. Yantras shouldn’t be displayed as icons of power in shops/public places. The beautiful, well shaped Yantras in the market are die casted, mass produced and soled to innocent people who end up believing that these things are actually sacred. There are elaborate rituals, auspicious times, inks and pens while drawing a Yantra, there are specific Mantras to be chanted while drawing the same, as prescribed in the Tantra Shastras.

All Yantras at AstroMerits are made to order. As the Yantra is drawn/engraved by hand on a copper plate/silver/gold/Bhoja Patra, the sacred leaf as per your requirement. The Yantras supplied by us might not have the great look and nice feel of machine done pieces available everywhere today, but these are genuine Yantras the can help you obtain the desired results. If you are just looking for a nice looking lucky charm, our recommendation is to buy it from some other source.

Normally, We provide you with yantras written on copper plates or Bhoj-Pathra. However there are some yantras that have to be made on Gold/Silver etc, for those, will attract additional charges depending on the size desired. All Yantras are custom made at the most auspicious Muhurtha by highly learned pundits at AstroMerits, with proper chanting of associated mantras.

You will be shared the contact number of our Vedic pundit. This is required because as the transfer over mail/courier is involved, it is essential to re-purify the Yanthras. Our priest will take you through a small Puja ritual that you may yourself perform; you will also receive the material in print, the Mantras in Sanskrit will be typed in English for you to comprehend easily. The purpose and meaning of each Mantra will be explained by our Vedic expert to you over phone/web chat. What you get thus at AstroMerits is the most comprehensive Yantra Remedy.

Please Note: With Yantra Recommendation, you will get the mantras, the Puja and the Yantra and we do not charge extra for domestic courier delivery. But if you have specific requirements like say you need a very large yantra made of gold/silver, there are regulations and norms that go against sending such high value articles by mail/courier. You would therefore need to collect them in person, from our office. The rates indicated below is for a custom made Yantra written on a metal or Bhoj Pathra. You can talk to us for knowing the costs associated with custom yantras engraved in precious metals. 

Multi-Purpose Yantra Recommendation Design and Provision
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