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Election Astrology or Muhurtha is the study of qualities of time - its suitability and unsuitability for various functions. Time is created by celestial bodies and the nature of time is decided by the movement of these celestial bodies. There are various canons in astrology like Thithi, Karana, Nithyayoga, Gulika, Vishti, Gandanatha, Aekaargala, Sarpasiras which are minutely analyzed in election astrology.

An good and effective start is essential for fruitfulness and success of any event. Well begun is half done. Muhurtha enables us to decide an auspicious time for each function. When starting off with anything of importance, it  is essential to verify the planetary positions at that time. Planetary positions in Astrology Charts could indicate ‘doshas’(inauspicious) and ‘gunas’(auspicious) of each point of time. There are a number of doshas prescribed in classical works on Muhurtha such as Madhaveeyam, Muhutrthapadavi, Kaalaprakashika, Bruhaddaivajnaranjanam, Muhurtaganapathi, Prashna Marga and others. The skill of an astrologer is in carefully examining the qualities of time and finding out the appropriate time to maximize the gunas and minimize the doshas for the event under consideration, and conforming with intended beneficiaries horoscope for harmony with the Muhurtha under consideration. One should also analyze the divisional charts of a Muhutha just as in the case of natal charts. An Astrologer must be study the Vedic Panchang daily, preferably many times a day, understand the position of planets for the and the major yoga formations set to occur in the near future and recommend Muhurthas appropriately.

While it is easy to marry in haste, to unite in passion and propagate to build a mansion. But the question of all questions is the question ‘When should I marry? When should I unite in love? How shall I build, enjoy, move, preserve health and discipline every function of existence as to evoke the true melody of life, and procure greater and more lasting achievements by cooperating with the laws of nature and multiply luxuries ad infinitum? As in food, medicine or music, so in time, it is selection that determines the results. AstoMerits will select the most appropriate time and for your most important functions like the Muhurtha for Marriage, Muhurtha for Grihapravesha, Muhurtha for Upanayana etc. You will never regret the decision to trust us with your life decisions. Trust only the very best. Trust us not because we say so but because we study the Vedic Panchang in depth, inch by inch, and answer your questions to the best of our capability. Trust us, we are the very best.

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