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Money Astrology, Wealth Horoscope

The Second house is the house of Wealth in Vedic Astrology. Eleventh house represents gains. Sixth is the house of debts. Twelfth house is concerned with losses and expenditure, losses in Business and losses due to theft etc. Fifth house rules speculation and gambling. Seventh house rules success in business. Tenth house governs career. A proper scrutiny of all these houses is needed for answering queries about wealth and finances. We should also study Lagnesh, Moon etc and their relationship with the second lord. Also, planet Jupiter is the Karaka for wealth. Ithasha between Ninth house of fortune and Second house of wealth shows immense gain in wealth.  Similarly in ‘Prashna’ Ithashala of Jupiter with second or eleventh lord shows sudden gain in wealth.  Combination of all these and more factors differentiates the rich, middle class and the poor.

The placement of Hora Lagna (moves 1 sign/hour ‘Hora’) in a birth chart is also an indicator of the real wealth obtained by a native. Also the placement of second lord in various houses shows the extent of wealth. The source from where wealth comes in is understood by examining the placement of second lord from Lagna and Arudha Lagna. This is given in Sloka 56 from Chapter 11, Jataka Parijata

Yendravastau lagnavitteshvaro

Chetunmulatu-dravyavrithi naranam

The house in which Lagna lord and the lord of second house are located, indicates the source of one’s livelihood.”   

For instance, placement of Second Lord in ninth house would hint the source of wealth to be one among the following: Dharmic Activities, Preisthood, Father (or Perceptor), Distant Journeys and Travels, Tourism, Legal Practice, Foreign Affairs, Governmental Involvement etc.

The dhanapada should be closely studied and its presence in benefic houses yields benefic results. Influence of a malefic Saturn and a malefic Rahu on the Second house causes ‘want and scantiness’ for money. They are responsible for a life with no savings. While fortunate combinations in ones horoscope can give lots of prosperity till death. Such a man is said to be a Yogavan.

Understand your money prospects in life, understand your source of wealth and income, understand what exactly will make you rich is it real estate, trading, inheritance, marriage, career, travels, lottery, business, royalty, franchise, investments, foreign assignments and the like. Get your Money Astrology Report from AstroMerits and get the remedy suggestions to maximize your wealth and minimize loses.

Money Astrology
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