Lord Ayyappa Puja

Lord Ayyapa Puja, Homa, Yajna, Swami Aayyappa Pooja

On the peak of Sabari Hill at the southern tip of Sahyadri range stretching outward into Kerala, there is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappan, who is known as Sabari Mala Shastha Sri Dharma Shastha. The temple is said to have been built by Visvakarma and the image prepared and installed by Parasurama. The ritual pilgrimage to the shrine of Sri Ayyappan at Sabarimala is considered to be extremely auspicious and meritorious. The pilgrimage itself has to be preceded by forty-one days of austerity during which period strict celibacy to be observed as also restrictions regarding food, speech and sleep. The temple can be reached only by foot through the jungle which is infested by wild animals. The place attracts millions of pilgrims every year.

The word Shastha means one who controls or rules over the whole world. Mahashastha and Dharmashastha are other names by which the deity is known. He is described as the protector of Dharma. Lord Ayyappan is the son of Siva and Vishnu. Siva is the God of destruction while Vishnu is the God of Sustenance. These two powers are combined in Ayyappan since he helps to destroy all low negative tendencies and maintains the pure sattwic nature in the seeker. Lord is considered the lord of Constructive Destruction – the ‘Prosecutor’. He protects our spiritual wealth and power by maintaining the thought of godliness and destroys impure thoughts and gives us clarity. As an Ayyappa Bhaktha (devotee of Lord Ayyappan) evolves further in the spiritual path with Sastha’s grace, he develops higher faculties and powers, siddhis, including the capacity to perform miracles. This is testified by great devotees of Lord Ayyappa.

Lord Ayyapa’s grace is known to very effectively neutralize the evil effects caused by Saturn (Shani) in one’s horoscope. If you are presently under Sade Sati or have Saturn dosha or Shani Dosha in your Horoscope, then worshipping Lord Ayyapa is an excellent remedy for Sade Sati and also an excellent remedy for Shani Dosha.  Worship Lord Ayyapan with AstroMerits for a fruitful and smooth Sade Sati and Saturn Mahadasa.


Lord Ayyappa Puja
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