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Legal Astrology, Baglamukhi Pooja for Winning Court Cases

In the court of Law, The Plaintiff/Yaayi/Vaadi is a person who goes to court of law and files a suit. The Defendant/Sthayi/Prativaadi is the person against whom the law suit has been instituted. Birth charts can be employed to study the conditions affecting outcomes of things like Litigations and Legal issues and the favorable course of action can be advised. Prashna Astrology' which is hugely popular in Kerala gives great insights and provides valuable information can be used to provide a more holistic view of the case. The case can be broken down, the various elements identified, mapped and analyzed astrologically.

The third house to eight house are considered to belong to the defendant and the ninth to the second house are said to belong to the plaintiff. The lagna is the querrent and the Seventh House represents the opponent. If the lagna lord is debilitated or combust, the querrent might not win. If both lagna and the seventh house are occupied by malefic, the result of the dispute will not be peaceful and the same will happen of there is an ithasala of seventh lord and Lagna lord. The Savant Prithuyasha writes that if Aries, Taurus, Leo or Sagittarius (animal signs) are in fourth house or lagna, the querrent wins. If moon is posited with benefic planets in half cycle from tenth to fourth via lagna and lagna is strong, the querist wins etc. The Graha Drishti and Rashi Drishti should be treated as the external and internal affairs of the querrent. Also Shatrupada (A6), Darapada (A7), Shastamsa (D7) & Arudha Lagna (AL) are of special significance for litigation and hence is properly analyzed.   

There are close to hundred Yogas of planets with regards to litigation. They can analyze the case and reduce it into outcomes like the following:

  • The Opponent will win
  • There will be compromises
  • Enimity will prevail between disputants
  • Possibility of Personal attacks and so on.

A weak Mercury and a weak Moon (causing mental anguish) can also make a person lose the case. Similarly, in regard to Mars, the author of “Jatak Parijat” observes “Paravapadahava sa hasani”.

Thus by combining all the aforementioned factors and uniquely identifying the characters in a case with aspects in Astrology, we at AstroMerits determine the nature and direction the case takes.

 Analyze your Legal issues and understand your chances of winning and the best possible course of action/standpoint to be adopted by you.

The highly arduous Tantric worship of Goddess Bagalamukhi, is an established and proven way to defeat any might opponent and win even the toughest legal battles. Devi Bagalamuki is Vak-Stambanakari, and arrests the speech of one’s opponents.

If court cases worry you, Book your Legal Astrology solution now.

Legal Astrology
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