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Puja for Kuja, Pooja for Manglik Dosha, Remedy for Kuja Dosha

In Hindu Horoscope Matching, Mars is a highly dreaded planet. Certain positions like Mars in 8th House, Mars in 12th House etc, under specific conditions cause Kuja Dosha or Manglik Dosh. You can check for Manglik Dosha in your Horoscope when you use our Horoscope Matching service. Kuja Puja (Kuja Pooja, Mangalik Puja) is a highly beneficial rite for those under the malefic influence of Mars, have Mangalik Dosha or are running Kuja Mahadasha.

Mars is the red planet resembling the earth, has seasons and polar caps. The planet stands as a final proof for the accretion theory bearing many scars of creation. Called by several names Mangala, Angaraka, Bhauma, Mahisuta, Lohitanga, Ara and Avaneya, Kuja is the Indian Mars. The names Ku-ja and Bhauma suggest that he is the offspring of Earth. (‘Koh pritivyaam jataha’). There are several legends explaining such origin of Kuja.

The dhyana sloka of Kuja identifies him with Shanmukha, who is also his pratyatidevatha.

Dharanigarbasambutham vidyutha punjasamaprabham |

Kumaram shaktihastam lohitangam namamyaham ||

The dhyana mantra mentions Mars as born out of earth. Both the deities carry Sakthi as their characteristic weapon. When worshipping Shanmukha, who is identified with Agni (Agni-jata-Subrahmanya), his icon should be made of red sandalwood (raktha-chandana). It must be placed on a pedestal, triangular in shape and facing south. Kuja’s tutelary deities are Pritvi (Bhumi-devi the earth goddess) and Skanda. The former is described as adhi-devatha.

Shukla varnam mahi karya divya abharana bhusitha |

Chaturbhuja saumyavapushachandamshusadreshambaram ||

The earth goddess is white in complexion, splendidly adorned and of peaceful appearance, although brilliantly shining.

Kuja is invoked by the worshippers by the hymn ‘agnir murdha’ (Rig Veda- 8, 44, 16). The hymn occurs in a long suktha of thirty riks. The rishi of which is Virupa Angirasa and the devata Agni; the chandas of all the hymns in the Sukta is Gayathri.

Agnir murdha divaha kakutpatihe pritivya ayam |

 Aapo rehamse jinvathi ||

“Agni is the very head (of all the gods) (murdha); he is the crest of the heavenly region (divaha kakut) and the lord of the earth (patih pritvyah). He satiates (jinvathi) all creatures that live by water (apam retamsi)”.

The second Suktha in the fifth mandala of Rigveda is the famous ‘Kumara Suktha’. It is used by many to propitiate Skanda, known also as Kumara.  Perhaps the most used mantra for worshiping the Earth-Goddess is found in Sama-Veda. The hymn ‘syona prthvi’ (SV 35, 21) for this purpose.

Syona prithivi bhavanrekshara niveshini |

Yaccha nah sarma saprathaha ||

The hymn is addressed to the Earth-goddess (prithvi) as the devatha; the rishi is Medhatithi-Kanava and chandas Gayathri. This hymn is frequently employed in srautha and smartha rituals, especially recited touching the earth during mahanavami-vrtha-yaga (Sayana).

“O earth, provide us with widespread home (syona nah bhava), free from obstacles (anrksara); give us your own extensive abode as our refuge (niveshini saprathah sarma yaccha).

Worshipping Skanda or Kuja graha is seen as a good remedy for Kuja dosha and causes Kuja Dosha Nivarana, or removal of Kuja Dosha. Book your puja for Mars with AstroMerits, have your Mangalik Dosha nullified and also reap the rich benefits of a great Kuja Mahadasha and/or Kuja Antardasha.


Kuja Puja - Mars Pooja - Manglik Puja
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