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Ketu Puja (Ketu Puja) - Best remedy for a malefic Ketu Dasa

In many horoscopes, the graha ‘Ketu’ occupies a malefic position giving rise to Ketu Dosha or Rahu Ketu Dosham (also refered to as Kalsarp Dosh). Ketu Mahadasha or Ketu Antardasha might not be a good period for the native if they are not favorably disposed in a Horoscope and if proper remedies for Rahu Ketu Dosha are not performed. Although these two grahas are regarded as malefic, they do not always forebode evil. Rahu is said to contribute to worldly prosperity while Ketu is regarded as facilitating spiritual advancement.

The ‘grahas’ Rahu and Ketu are not planets as the other seven grahas are. They are not entities with physical body, tangible form or mass; they are only imaginary points, points of intersection of the paths or orbits of Sun and the Moon. The relevance of these two grahas is more astrological than astronomical. Rahu (feminine, ruling over asterisms Ardra, Svathi and Satabishaka) is said to have influences of Jupiter (BrihaspathiI) and Venus (Sukra), while Ketu (eunuch, ruling over Ashwini, Makha and Moola) the influence of Mars (Kuja) conjunct with Saturn (Sani).

Ketu is known as Rahu’s body, Rahu being only the head of Asura by name of Svarbhanu. Both Rahu and Ketu are regarded as malevolent planets (papa grahas). In actuality, there are many Ketus, about a thousand of them; some are benevolent (subha-grahas) and the others malevolent. The latter are called Dhuma-ketus. The ketus (consisting of comets and other small bodies orbiting the Sun) are represented by a single compensatory point in the zodiac. Ketu is represented by means of a banner (dhavajakrithi), which the word Ketu means. Brahma (adhidevatha) and Chitraguptha (pratyadidevatha) are his tutelary deities.

The deity Ketu is propitiated with the Ketu Mantra ‘Ketum krunvan’ (Atharva Veda- 20, 26, 6). The rishi of the hymn is Madhucchanda son of Vishvamithra; devatha is Indra, and the chandas is Gayathri. The hymn is prescribed to be recited in the third night of the ritual known as ‘athirathra’(Asvalayana srautha-suthra,  6, 4).

Ketu krunvanekethave pesho marya apeshese |

Samushidbrajayataha ||

“O mortals (marya), this indra in the form of Sun, will appear even at dawn (usadbhih sam ajayathah), infusing consciousness (ketum) in those who are unconscious in sleep (aketave), and giving sight to perceive forms of things (pesahah), to those who are unable to see anything (apeshese) in the darkness of night.”

The mantra ‘Usho Vajram’ (RV 1, 48, 1) is used to invoke the tutelary deity of Ketu, namely Chitraguptha. The hymn is found in a Suktha with sixteen riks, the rishi of which is Praskanava, son of Kanava. The devatha is Ushas (the deity of dawn); and the chandas of the hymn in question is Brihathi.

Usho vajam hi vamswa yaschutro manusho jane |

Tena vaha sukritho advaraha upa ye tva grinanthi vahgayaha ||

“O the goddess of dawn (ushah), accept (vamsva) the food (vajram) of the best quality (yat chitram), offered by the people engaged in Sacred rites ( manushye jane). Whoever (ye), in the presence of the holy fire (vahnayah), eulogizes you (ghranti), bring (upavaha) those folk (sukretaha) to sacrificial sessions (adhvaran)”.

The significance of the expression, ‘adhvara’ (sacrifice) is that the sacrifices are devoid of violence of any kind (‘dhvaro himsa, nasty asmin iti bahuvrihau’ Sayana).

The Rigvedins and Yajurvedins recite the mantra ‘brahma jagyanam’ (Rig Veda 4, 4, 1 and Yajur Veda 13, 3) for invoking the pratyadidevatha of Ketu, namely Brahma. The Samavedins have for the purpose the mantra ‘esa brahma’ (Sama Veda, 1, 438). The rishi is Trasya-dasyu, the devatha Indra, and the chandas Virat (dvipada)

Yesha brahma ya ritviya indro nam srutho grene ||

“This (yesha) is the mighty one (brahma), the Indra, celebrated (sruto) as the ordainer of law (ritvika); him I invoke and praise (grene)”    

Puja, Homam and Yajna Remedies for Ketu Graham is highly recommended if you currently are running either Ketu Mahadasha,  Ketu Antardasha or have Ketu Dosha in your horoscope.


Ketu Puja Remedy
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