Kali Puja

Kali Puja, Kali Pooja, Kali Homam, Kali Yajna

Puja for Goddess Kali is very popular in India. Kali Puja (Kali Pooja) is a High power worship of the divine mother, who is regarded as the first and foremost of the Dasamahavidyas.

The word Kali’ comes from well known word Kala, time. She is the power of time. Time, as we are all well aware, is all-destroying, all-devouring. The Kali as found in scriptures and pictures is seen standing in a cremation ground or a war field, showing the dead bodies including the mutilated ones. She herself is standing in a challenging posture, on a ‘dead’ body, which is her own spouse, Siva himself. If Siva is pure white, she is deep blue in color bordering on blackness. She is completely naked except for an apron of human hands. She is wearing a garland of fifty human heads or skulls. Her luxuriant hair is completely disheveled. She has three eyes and four hands. In her upper hand she is holding a freshly severed and bleeding human head, as also the sword (or chopper) used in the carnage. The two lower hands are in the Abhaya and Varada Mudras. Her face is red and tongue protruding.

God is said to have created this universe and then entered into it. (Taittariyopanishad 2.6). So the universe itself becomes a veil, a clock for the divinity. When that is destroyed, divinity is unveiled. This is the meaning of Kali being naked. She is hence termed ‘Dighambara’ (‘clad in space’), having the vast limitless space as her only vesture.

Being the embodiment of Tamas, the aspect of energy responsible for dispersion ad infinitum producing limitless void,  a void that has swallowed up everything, she is black. She represents the state where time, space and causation have disappeared without any trace as it were. Hence she is black.

The disheveled hair, for which she is called ‘Muktha-keshi’, bespeaks her untrammeled freedom. The garland of skulls or heads which number fifty, represent the fifty letters of the alphabet, the manifested state of sound (Sabda) in general, from which the entire creation has proceeded. The skulls or severed heads indicate the state of destruction.

Siva Mahadeva, is shown lying prostrate like a Sava, corpse. Kali represents his Sakthi or energy. The energy can never exist apart from its source or act independently of it. It can manifest itself and act only when it is based firmly on its source. It is exactly this that is meant while showing Kali standing on the chest of Siva.         

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Kali Puja
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