Kalabhairava Puja

The Vedic books talks about eight types of Bhairavas. The Rudra Yamalatalks about the origins of Kalabhairava. Kala Bhairav (Kaal Bhairav) is a form of Lord Siva, of whom even the Kala (God of Death, Yama) is afraid of. Kalabhairava removes the fear and obstacles of his worshippers and removes all the difficulties from their lives and grants them unlimited happiness in their lives. Kalabhairava is worshipped in three different modes: Satvika Puja, Rajasika and Tamasika modes.

Satvika Puja (Satvika Kalabhairava Pooja) uses the conventional offerings like Gandha (perfumed water), Akshatha (grains), Pushpa (flowers), Naivedhya (food), Deepa (Lamp) etc.

Rajsika Puja (Rajsika Kaal Bhairav Puja) and Tamsika Puja (Kal Bhairav Pooja) involve Balidhana (offering of Bali) and the Vama Marga mode of worship includes the offering of Liquor, Parched Grains, Meat, Fish and Sex. AstroMerits recommends and performs only the Satvika Puja of Kalabhairava. Tamasik and Raksik modes are practiced mostly in Ujjain or Varanasi. We do not suggest or recommend these modes of worship for material gains, for those of you who care about their long term happiness and prosperity.

A high intensity Vedic Worship of Kala Bhairava at the hands of expert Vedic Brahmins can change your entire life. If your enemies trouble you and there are malefic associations seen from visible and invisible enemies in your horoscope, Kalabhairava Puja or Kala Bhairava Homam, or Kala Bhairava Yajna at AstroMerits is highly recommended for you. Propitiate Kal Bhairav and take pleasure in a life with victories in all walks of life.


Kalabhairava Puja
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