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In the ultimate stage of the Soul, we are told that it gets merged with the Super-Soul and becomes one with it. Human Marriage on earth is but a gross reflection of this grand spiritual union. Wife or ‘Grihapathni’ is the goddess of the house, who stands by the family in times of crisis and takes it towards prosperity and happiness. Marriages are said to be made in heaven, human beings are not aware of their would-be partners in life, and are constantly on the search for a suitable person. Their anxiety is all the greater as the selection is made but once in lifetime. Indians regarded marriage in ancient times as a sacred institution, which provides legal, moral and social sanctity to the native to enjoy the pleasures of life and to fulfill his duties in ‘Grihastha Ashrama’(the familial time in one’s life). ‘Kanya Daan’(Act of getting one’s daughter married to an eligible bridegroom) is considered to be an essential social obligation in Indian Society. By producing children, a native relieves himself of the debt of ‘Pitririn’(Forefathers). Marriage has different connotations in different societies in the world. The Hindu Horoscope Matching is a very complex process as all the Astrological factors in the Horoscopes of the Bride and Groom need to be examined for compatibility.

Sadly, In the present Indian Scenario, Some quassy astrologers who lack the intellectual curiosity to read, aprreciate and understand the various Astrological treaties from the Vedas for themselves, have become fanatic advocates of ‘Kuta Matching’ as the single-sufficient tool for assessing the compatibility between horoscopes. They have done a lot of harm to this science of astrology and harmed the reputation of the Hindu Horoscope Matching by giving wrong advices and perhaps even created deadlocks to wedlock.‘Kuta Matching’ or ‘Guna Milan’ is only one of the many supporting factors that needs to be looked into, it is so very wrong to assume that horoscope matching for marriage and studying the compatibility between couples is nothing further than Gun Milan.

The astrological rules for Guna Milan are varied. Prashnamara, the ancient treatise of Kerala lists 23 Kutas for comparison, as does Muhurthabharanam. Sarvarthasiddhi lists 20 while Muhuthaparijatha and Peeyushadhara list 18, Madhaveeya 15 and Acharasamgraham 8. Only 10 of these Kutas are considered now in South India, and only 8(totalling 36 points, with weightages for each Gun) are considered in North India for Hindu Horoscope Matching. No one can explain why others have been given a go by. Enough evidence exists with us at AstroMerits that a blind and mechanical application of Kutas is not only unscientific but also unwarranted.

At AstroMerits we make critical assessment of the positive and negative factors of the horoscopes given for comparison and adjudge the future prospects for the pair, the strength and weakness of the various bhavas in each case.

The Seventh House happens to be the primary house of marriage in Astrology. The seventh house has argala on third, fourth, sixth and ninth houses. The seventh house is an upachaya from the second, fifth, ninth and tenth houses, resulting in the growth of the same. The marriage is seen from Upapada(Arudha pada of the twelfth house). If the Upapada lord is exalted, the spouse will be from a higher status, if debilitated, from a lower status with respect to the native. The strength of married life is seen from the planet in the second house from UL(Upapada Lagna) and its lord. If the lord of Upapada is in 12th house, the native might not marry at all. Extra-martial affairs are caused by malefic planets occupying certain positions from Upapada. As Venus is main planet that controls sexual drive, happiness and material pleasures, A Jupiter in Pisces (where Venus gets its exaltation) can cause purity (a trait of Jupiter) in sexual relationships. There are various such dictums about sexuality, child prospects, longeivity of marriage etc in the astrological texts.

The second house is the house of the family. Marriage is taken as an addition to the family. The second house also represents probable second marriage, being eighth to the seventh house. The fourth house is the house of domestic happiness, being twelfth to fifth house, it governs the success of a relationship culminating in marriage. The fifth house is the house of magnetic attractions, socially accepted forms of courtship, romantic affairs and progeny. The eleventh house is the house of fulfillment of one’s desires. The twelfth house is the house indicating pleasures in bed. All the houses should be assessed for mutual bhavaguna and absence of any evil effect.Hence the Seventh house thus will never be viewed in isolation by an Astrologer at AstroMerits, when we are analyzing your Horoscope.

The norms for matching horoscopes by Horoscope Compatibility (unlike moon sign compatibility, sun sign compatibility or by inferring from a synastry chart) are very vast, varied and voluminous.  Any cursory conclusions with assessment of Kutas alone can become calamitous and counterproductive. The best of the best Vedic Astrologers that the planet has are empanelled at AstroMerits to provide you with the judgment of Horoscope Compatibility.

There is in fact a long list of supplementary questions relating to marriage that we get at AstroMerits, viz

  • Will it be a love or arranged marriage?
  • What will be the physical and mental characteristics of the partner?
  • Will there be any delay in marriage?
  • What would be the profession and financial status of the partner?
  • Will we enjoy a long and Healthy life?
  • From which direction/locality will my partner be?
  • Would it be a love or an arranged marriage?
  • Would my lover be accepted by my family?
  • Will my existing relationship end in marriage?
  • Is there any chance of separation/ second marriage?
  • Is the partner capable of performing sexual act?
  • How about our capability to procreate?
  • When am I getting married?
  • Will we have a long happy married life?

If you have any such questions for our Astrologer, then you need to select 'Marriage Prediction' option, in addition to the Horoscope Matching selection. Our Astrologer will clarify your queries pertaining to your marriage, inform you the likely period of getting married, partner characteristics etc. You can get your questions regarding your Marriage answered by our Astrologer during the consultation. You can have your consultation with our Vedic Astrologer through Text, Voice or Video chat or via telephonic consultation or as a custom prepared report. Please note that by selecting the 'Chat' option in lieu of the report, you can also get your questions regarding your Horoscope Match/Marriage answered by our Vedic Astrologer. You may ask any number of questions, subject to a maximum time limit of 60 minutes. The time scheduled for your Chat Session with our Vedic Astrologer will be notified to you within 24 Hours of Order Placement. If there be any queries regarding order placement, the astrological consultations etc, Feel free to chat with our Online Vedic Astrologer.

Marriage is a very important decision in life. Hence, only have your Horoscope Compatibility and relationship analyzed from the best. You just cannot risk relying on a low quality astrologer and marry just somebody. You must not miss the woods for the trees, because you cannot afford missing, as you have just one chance of getting Happily Married, in a Happy Life, for a Happy Life!

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