Hayagriva Puja

Hayagriva Puja- Puja to the God of Great Learning

Yajnavalkya, the great sage, lost the Yajurveda as a result of his Guru’s curse and performed severe penance. Sun-god, pleased by his penance, appeared before him as a deity with horse’s head and taught him the same Veda in another form. This section has come to be known as the Vajasaneyi Samhitha (Vaji = horse). The origins of Hayagriva (the deity with the horse’s head) are found here.

The two demons Madhu and Kaithabha had stolen the Vedas and hidden them under water. Lord Vishnu took the form of Hayagriva, dived to the bottom of the ocean and rescued them after killing the demons.

Hayagriva is the god of learning, akin to the goddess Sarasvathi. He is shown in human form, with the horse’s head, carrying various weapons and emblems of Vishnu.

Let God Hayagriva shower his blessings on you and bring immense success in competitive exams to you and your loved ones. Book your Puja today.

Note: You may also schedule your Hayagriva Pooja on the day of the exam for maximum results.

Hayagriva Puja
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