Guru Pooja for Planet Jupiter

Guru Pooja (Brihaspathi Puja) and other remedies for Jupiter

Jupiter, hundred times bigger than the earth, is a gas giant. With winds of more than 100km/hour sweeping on its surface, an earth-sized storm always whirls at its red spot. Radio emissions received from Jupiter are 10000 times more powerful than of earth. It is a solar system in miniature having many moons. Jupiter has saved the earth thousands of tomes from crashes from erratic stellar objects like comets and meteors. With its powerful gravity, it draws the wandering objects and saves the earth from their attack even today. In the recent times, the whole world witnessed on the 16th of July 1994, the Shoemaker Levy comet plunging into the surface of Jupiter. Had it hit the earth instead, neither this website nor any of us would have seen the light of this day. That is why Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is called Jeeva, the protector of life on earth.

Also called Guru, Devacharya (preceptor of gods), Angirasa( son of sage Angirasa), Jiva, Dhisana, Vacaspathi( the lord of speech or Vedic lore), Sadasaspati (lord of the assemblies), GanapathiJyesta-Raja (the King of elders), Govinda (the protector of scriptures), Brihaspathi (the lord of great hymns), Brihaspathi is the Indian Jupiter. Brihaspahi is a Vedic celebrity. He is described in Vedic hymns and plays a prominent role in Jyotisha as well. He is said to be the teacher of the science of light (jyotir-vijnana). His tutelary deities are Indra (adhidevatha) and Brahma (pratyadidevatha).  

In the Guru Puja, the Vedic Remedy for Jupiter, the following hymns are chanted to solicit Guru’s blessings:

The Vedic hymn of adoration of planetary deity Brihaspahi (or Guru) is ‘brihaspate eti’ which is taken from the Rig Veda (2, 23, 15) and included in the Taittiriya-samhitha (1, 8, 22, 12).

Brihaspathe athi yadarya ahrad dhumadwibathi kretumajjneshu|

Yecchidscchavas rithaprajatha tadasmasu dravinam dehe chitram ||

This is the fifteenth rik of the Suktha consisting of nineteen hymns, visualized by sage Grshtamada; the devathas being Brihaspathi and Brahmanaspathi. The hymn is in the chandas tristup. The first hymn in this collection is the well-known ‘gananam tva gana-pathim havamahe’, where Brahmanaspathi (or Brihaspathi) is described as ‘gana-pathi’ (leader of the hosts).

Vedic pundits employ the hymn ‘brahma jajgyanam’ (Atharva Veda 4, 1, 1) as the invocation of the Adhidevatha, Brahma.

Brahma Jagyanam prathamam purastaad vi

Semataha surucho vena aavaha |

Sa budniya upama asya vishtaha

Satascha yonim asatascha vi vaha ||

The rishi of this hymn is Vena, and the devatha is Brihaspathi; chandas is tristup.

“That God alone is Adorable, who in the beginning of Universe created everything, is wide in expansion, highest of all, effulgent and worthy of worship. The Sun, Moon and other worlds in the space stationed in their orbits, testify to this knowledge. He pervades them all through his omnipresence and comprehends the visible and the invisible in Space.”

Indra, the pratyadhidevatha of Brihaspathi is invoked by Vedins by reciting the hymn ‘indra asam’ ( Yajur Veda 17, 40). The rishi of the hymn is Apratirtha, son of Indra the devatha is Indra and chandas tristup.

Indra aasam neta Brihaspathir Dakshina Yajnaha pura etu Somaha |

Devasenanam abhibhan jatinam Jayanthinaam marutho yantvagram ||

“May Indra be the leader (neta) of these armies; may Brihaspathi, Dakshina, Yajna and Somapura etu); may the Maruts proceed ahead (marutho yantvagaram) of victorious armies (deva-senanam jayantinam) which also route the enemies (abhibhan jatinam)”

Jupiter represents Money, Children, Happiness, Success, Dharma and all good things in general in a Horoscope. Propitiating Jupiter confers all these good things on the worshipper as well. Book your Jupiter Puja at AstroMerits and perform the Vedic Remedy for Jupiter and bring the experience the joy and happiness of a truly meaningful life.


Guru Pooja for Planet Jupiter
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