Goddess Durga Puja

Goddess Durga Pooja (Durga Puja), Homa for Durga and Durga Yajna

Goddess Durga is perhaps, the most widely worshipped aspect of Sakthi. An entire Purana, the Devibhagavatham has been dedicated to her. Another work, well known as Devibhagavatham,Durgasaptasati or Chandi is a part of another well known Purana, the Markandeyapurana. This work is so highly venerated that every verse is considered to be a Mantra (sacred formula) and its repetition is believed to confer whatever boons the votary prays for.

Known also as ‘Durga’ the meaning of the two letter word in Sanskrit is ‘that which is difficult to reach or attain’. Durga is the power inscrutable, by which the whole universe is permeated and energized. She is the personification of all wealth, power, and beauty as also virtues. She is the embodiment of Yajna (sacrifice), Paravidya (the highest knowledge concerning he spirit) as well as the Aparavidhya (knowledge of the secular sciences). Aspects of Durga metioed in the Puranas and Agamas are legion. For instance: Silaputri, Kusmanda, Katyayani, Ksemankari, Harasishih, Vanadurga, Vindhyavasini, Jayadurga and so on. They are of great interest to the supplicants who get different types of desires fulfilled by worshipping different aspects of her.

In the Images of Durga, she appears to be gorgeously dressed in with red cloth and several ornaments. Among the objects held in hand, the more common ones are – conch, discuss, trident, bow, arrow, sword, dagger, shield, rosary, wine cup and a bell. She is often depicted as riding a Lion, Simhavahini. Lion, the royal beast is her mount and represents the best in animal creation. It can also represent greed for objects of enjoyment, which leads to lust. Devi indirectly suggests that to become divine, one’s animal instincts, how ever strong they are should be kept under complete control and be victorious in all endeavors in life.

Devi’s grace is confers absolute success in all worldly undertakings and pursuits. It is she who bestows wealth – both material and spiritual- dispels difficulties, and annihilates the evil ones. Her beauty as well as her valor, is incomparable. Literally ‘Durga’ means one who is difficult to approach. Being the totality of the powers of gods, she is naturally difficult to approach and know. She is impressed by truly devoted Sadakas and confers her blessings to them. Let the blessings of Goddess Durga grace you in all aspects of your life for excellent achievements in both material and spiritual spheres.  Get a comprehensive Durga Puja performed by expert pundits at AstroMerits and let Goddess Durga shower her blessings on all walks of your life like never before.


Goddess Durga Puja
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