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Gemology or Gemstone remedy is the use of astrological gems and stones for medical and astrological purposes. Ayurvedic books like Bhava Prakasha, Ayurveda Prakasha and Rasa Ratna Samuchchaya throw much light on value and medical use of these astrological gems. References to gems have been made in the Bible where a virtuous lady has been compared to a Ruby. Unani Hakims also have used these gems to medicinally cure various diseases. Gemstone remedies have also been dealt with books of Prakritha language like Nava Rathna Prakashika, Ratna Sangraha, Ratna Samuchaya etc.

Varahamihira is the first Indian Astrologer to speak about astrological use of gems in his ‘Brihat Samhitha’. In Brihat Samhitha, Varahamihira mentions 22 gems for Astrological use (perhaps corresponding to 12 signs, nine planets and lagna). Varahamihira opines that gems should only be employed after their proper test.

Impure gems which haven’t been purified by performing the required Pujas are not worth wearing and might not be efficacious at all. Recitations of Mantras are based on principles of sound therapy and use of Gems is based on the principles of color therapy. It is always best to combine both therapies for those seeking effective and swift Vedic Gemstone Remedies to their problems. Just buying a gem of some quality from a local Jeweler store should not be mistaken for a proper Astrological remedy. Flawed gems can even bring disaster to a native.

Gemstones can be selected based on Sun Signs, Janma Thithi(Vedic Date), Janma Vara (Vedic Weekday), Nakshatra(Constelation), Lagna(Ascendant), the Dasa  Bhuktis etc. They can also be selected such as to bring good fortune or to support a particular cause/yoga in a Horoscope, ward off evils and for other purposes like fulfillment of desires, conjugal happiness, progeny, prosperity and affluence. Suggesting Gemstone Remedies demands careful examination of a native’s birth chart. Gemstone recommendation has to be taken only from an expert Vedic Astrologer as as in actual practice we deal with planets owning two signs, aspecting many houses etc; in Horoscopes. So a gemstone that strengthens say, the tenth lord Jupiter giving a career for a Pisces ascendant; might take a toll the native’s Body/Health, as being the Lagna lord if maleficlly placed in the natives Horoscope in terms of its Vargas, aspects, Yogas etc.

There is more to Vedic Gemstone Recommendation than just selecting the Gemstone. For instance, the finger in which the gemstone is to be worn is decided based on principles in palmistry. The ring-middle-little-Index fingers (Anamika-Madhyama-Kanishtika-Tarjani) signify Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha trikonas respectively. Even the metal with which the ringtone is secured is also selectcted based on preset rules. The point as to which planet has to be strengthened is delicate and important one for which an expert Vedic Astrologer should always be consulted as an error in this regard can give just the opposite results.

At AstroMerits, you get the best Vedic Gemstone recommendations in the Planet. Your horoscope is analyzed in detail, your unique requirements and ambitions are considered and the best Vedic Gemstone is recommended to you. The best Gemstone, the best Metal ring, the best coloring for the metal and the finger for wearing the ring is also prescribed. The Gemstones need to be energized with the planetary deity concerned, with the appropriate mantras. All the associated Mantras (like the Oath taking Mantras, invoking mantras etc) will be preached to you in a live web-chat session with our Vedic Pundit. The meaning of all Sanskrit Mantra’s meanings in English will be explained to you via live web Voice/Video/Text chat or over phone, as per your convenience.

There will be mantras for purification of the Gemstone, mantras stating the rishi, chandas etc and the associated mantras for with ‘Karanyasa’, ‘Anganyasa’ etc and the Dhyana mantras for invoking (aavahanam) the particular planetary deity within the Gemstone. If done with bhakthi/devotion, this should be one of the best Astrological remedies possible for any desired accomplishment. We will take you step by step over phone with your Puja. We will take you through the mantras and explain the meanings and all you need to do is to follow the instructions and chant the mantras as instructed by our Vedic Pundit. This procedure followed by AstroMerits is the most proper, elaborate and fulfilling Gemstone Remedy available possible in the world today, to the best of our knowledge. Get your Gemstone Recommendation Now!

Gemstone Remedy
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