Gayatri Puja with Gayathri Mantra

Gayatri Puja (Gayathri Pooja), Gayatri Homam and Gayatri Yajna

Gayatri Mantra is the mother of all mantras. The glorious Gayatri (Gayathri Mantra) is an impregnable spiritual armor that protects the worshipper and shows him the brightest light of the greatest spiritual revelation. That is the purpose and power of Gayatri mantra. In Sanathana Dharma (popularly known as Hinduism, meaning religion found on the other side of river ‘indus’) Supreme impersonal Godhead is the parabrahman, the Matha (mother) is the transcendental consciousness and is the Para Shakthi (power). This Para Shakthi is known as Gayatri and is the very cause of all that was, all that is and everything that will be of existence. When she manifested the trigunas or the three qualities: the sattva (poise, pure), rajas (passion) and tamas (stupor), these three qualities possessing the Supreme consciousness that is parabrahman, manifested into the world as Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Brahma took over Sattvaguna, Vishnu absorbed Rajoguna and Siva the Tamoguna. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva gained the powers of creation, preservation and destruction through their worship of the Divine Mother Gayatri by chanting Gayatri Maha Mantra. Worship of Gayatri Devi can even confer the powers of the trimurthis. That is the power the Gayatri Mantra, Greatest Mantra of all.   

In order to blessings of Gayatri Devi, total austerity has to be observed. Just singing the Gayatri Mantra  musically, like tuning the Gayatri Mantra lyrics, as is common today will not please Gayatri Devi for sure, In fact it might even displease the Supreme Goddess, as most of the people chanting Gayatri Mantra do not fully understand its value/power and have no regard for its sanctity. Initiation into Gayatri has to be taken from a Guru and practiced regularly by the disciple.

In the short version of Gayatri Mantra, Om symbolizes the almighty God, Bhuh means earth, Bhuah represents the entire Universe covering all the semi-gods, demi-gods, their sub-divisions etc including the Sun. Svah represents the third dimension of celestial region called the ‘Swarga-Loka’ and the luminous lokas and parallel Universes which are beyond our present understanding. There are seven vyahritis (rythms) in the Gayatri Mantra. The Meditation should be done on Kundlini, meditation on ‘Om Bhuh’ should be done on Muladhara Chakra (at the base of spine) and ending with ‘Om Tapaha’ at ajna chakra (eyebrow centre). Unless a sadhak is totally able to channel this Kundalini energy in a systematic and proper way, he cannot realize God.       

Strict spiritual discipline must be observed by the worshipper of the Gayatri. Gayatri Yajna confers all blessedness, strength, radiance, and illumination to the master (yajamana) of the sacrifice. There are many things a person can do with money. Performance of a Gayatri Yajna is one of the best things in Life that you can ever do if you are financially blessed enough to do so. Most of us can have a Gayatri Homa or a Gayatri Puja (Gayathri Pooja) at the least performed at least once in a while. It is our duty to remember and thank the Supreme Goddess to for all the good things she has given to all of us in our Lives. Worship the divine Mother Gayathri Devi in her purest form. Have a Gayatri Yajna/ Gayatri Homa/Gayatri Puja done at AstroMerits.


Gayatri Puja with Gayathri Mantra
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