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When am I going abroad? Am I going to Europe or the US? Will I take up an Overseas Assignment? If you need answers to questions like these, Vedic Astrology will give you your answers.   

Chaturvimsamsa (or Siddhama)  the divisional chart that is drawn by dividing each sign of the zodiacal into 24 equal parts is used as tool to determine the educational prospects in detail and is used for inferring the Overseas Educational Prospects of a native. Ninth house signifies higher education, the twelfth house indicates foreign residence, and seventh house signifies distant travels. The field of study is determined by the signs occupied as well as the planetary traits.

The conjunction/aspects of ninth and tenth lords can hint at a job related travel to a foreign land. A severely afflicted eighth house also constitutes a Yoga for foreign travel. This has to be considered from Chandra Lagna as well.

Mars as the lord of Eighth House can give foreign travel. If Venus, the sign factor for marriage is associated with Mars, which happens to lord the eighth house from Lagna or Chandra Lagna employment or an assignment. If the Lagna is weak the travel might be for treatment. When the Eighth and Twelfth houses are related to the ninth, travel would be related to smuggling, drugs and such unlawful activities. When Jupiter, Saturn, Lord of Ninth and Lord of Twelfth are very favorable and strong, the native might establish a monastery or Ashram in a foreign country.

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Foreign Travel Astrology
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