Educational Prospects

Education Astrology - Understanding your Educational Prospects

Education, astrologically speaking is the process of developing an integrated personality helping the native to live in society with respect. Education however has become synonymous with the possession of a certificate or degree in present times. By this, we might not be able to call the great intellectual giants like Shakespeare as educated persons, on the other hand we can call those who study Shakespearian literature and obtain degrees as educated persons. Therefore predicting the field of education from the natal chart is an enigma in itself.

In Vedic Astrology, to analyze the educational prospects, we study the third house, the fourth house, the fifth house, the ninth and the eleventh houses. The basic education and schooling till tenth grade is given by the fourth house and the ninth house governs higher education. A person is destined to get strong reactions from those houses with which the ascendant maintains a direct connection. Beneficial parivarthanas between the first and ninth houses give very good education to a native. The third house denotes one’s mental inclination, performance, writing capability, memory, concentration and communication skills. It indicates the native’s inclination for the subjects of study. The fifth house show’s the intellectual capability and power of understanding. A strong fifth house is a must for success in higher education. Eleventh house is the house of fulfillment of desires. The connection of fourth or ninth house with this house will bring in success in basic or higher education.

Planets Jupiter and Mercury are considered to be the karakas (Signifactors) of education. They should be strong in their house connections. The moon being the ruler of the fourth house of natural zodiac represents mind (“Chandrama Manaso Jataha”) and also calls for special attention. Finding the subjects of study is a very complex process, we need to find the strongest planet in Rashi and Sapthamsha charts and predict with commonsense considering the vast education streams pursued in present times and the significations/characteristics of the different houses, rashis and planets in Birth Charts and Divisional Charts.

AstroMerits will help you to understand the Educational Prospects of your loved ones and help them maximize their success  in life by helping them choose the right field of education, understand the good and bad times and employ the right Astrological Remedies to strengthen the weakness and conquer the academic world.

Educational Prospects
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