Dhanvantri Puja

Dhanvantri Puja for Good Health and efficient recovery from Illness

Dhanvantri rose from the ocean, at the time of churning (Samudramantana), holding the Amritha-Kalasha (pot of Ambrosia) in his hand. He is the originator of medical sciences. Reborn as king of Kasi he brought medical science to earth. Dhanvantri has prominent presence in the Vedas as the God associated with medicines and herbs. Dhanvantri is described as a handsome person holding the pot of ambrosia and seated in front of Vishnu’s insignias.

Many Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors recommend palpitating Dhanvantri for quick recovery from various ailments. Worshipping Dhavantri as well as Lord Mrityunjaya confers long happy life and excellent health to the native. Worship Dhanvantri with AstroMerits for a Healthy Happy life.


Dhanvantri Puja
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