Dattatreya Puja

Dattatreya Puja, Homam and Dattatreya Yajna

Dattatreya was the son of the great sage Atri and his wife Anusuya, one of the paragons of chastity in Hindu Mythology. He was the originator of certain magical rites and the creator of Soma plant. He was a teacher of non-Aryan people. Association with people of all strata and objects of pleasure made him more impure. But learning and enlightenment has made him so pure that nothing can ever stain him.  Being the incarnation of the trinity, he is shown to have three heads, four hands and accompanied by four dogs of different colors representing the four Vedas.

Worshipping Dattatreya confers great Material benefits, worldly pleasures, wealth and intelligence, having the qualities of trinty, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Worship Dattatreya with AstroMerits and add value to your life.


Dattatreya Puja
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