Dasamahavidya Puja

Dasamahavidya Puja Homam and Yajna for Success in all Endeavours


The highly powerful Dasamahavidya Yagna, is unquestionably, the strongest and most potent amongst all known rituals in religions across the globe. This Vedic Yagna is simply too powerful in every respect for an ordinary person to partake or appreciate. If you are a person, who wouldn't be content with mediocrity, this Yagna is something you can benefit from immensely if you get to perform it, use it and act on it.

The Dasamahavidya Yagna is a Vedic Fire ritual to the 10 different manifestations of the divine feminine. These ten goddesses encompass the whole range of feminine divinity, ranging from the most horrific goddess's at one end, to the ravishingly beautiful at the other. This Yagna will be the single greatest endeavor aimed at worshiping the strongest and the fiercest aspects of the Divine Mother. Dasamahavidyas (Dasamahavidya or Dasamahavidya, Dusmahavidya, Dashamahavidhya) are the representations of transcendent knowledge and power, sources of all that is to be known. The first is Kali, the goddess of time that destroys everything. Tara, the second is the power of the golden embryo (Hiranyagarbha) from which the universe evolves. She also stands for the void or the boundless space. The third is Sodashi. The word literally means ‘one who is sixteen years old.’ She is the personification of fullness, of perfection. Bhuvaneswari, the fourth Vidya, represents the forces or the material world, whereas Bhairavi the fifth, stands for desires and temptations leading to destruction and death. Then comes Chinnamastha, the naked deity holding her own severed head in hand and drinking her own blood! She simply represents the continued state of self-sustenance of the created world. Dhumavathi, the seventh, personifies the destruction of world by fire when only smoke (Dhuma) from its ashes remains. She is sometimes identified with Alakshmi or Jyesthadevi. The eighth Vidya, Bagalamukhi, is a crane headed goddess, and represents the ugly side of living creatures like jealousy, hatred and cruelty. Matangi, the ninth, is an embodiment of the power of domination. The tenth and the last, Kamala, is the pure consciousness of self, bestowing boons and allaying the fears of the supplicants. She is identified with Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune.

The World to us is sacred. The World is our Friend and Companion. We do not seek to subdue the World or have dominion over it. We work with it and it works with us. What we do through a Yagna is to give attention, power, and energy to what we are worshiping. In this Yagna, we declare and empower our devotion towards our Divine Mother, the Adhya Prakriti or the primordial life force that creates and runs the manifested universe through the three faithful attendants Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra.

Dasamahavidya Yagna works in Kali Yuga (the dark age of Kali), when traditional Vedic rituals such as Pujas and Homams no longer apply to the current state of morality and the 4th branch of Vedas (the Atharva Veda) is the most direct means to realization both in the material and spiritual spheres of life. The Dasamahavidya Yagna is categorized by the intense secrecy in which the rituals are kept and the steps undertaken in this Yagna are in many ways as drastic and different from the convention as the goddesses themselves. The skills and knowledge required to employ the proper procedures along with the befitting mantras in this Yagna is very very rare. In fact, the very success of this yagna depends on having the right set of minds and knowledge to be integrated and followed through with appropriate actions. This Yagna demands a high degree of precision, perfection and purity on the part of the priests who need to be fully equipped with the right skill sets to worship the Dasamahavidyas to the fullest in a result-oriented manner.

At AstroMerits, our association with the Dasamahavidyas dates back to many generations. The Vedic experts at AstroMerits hail from highly renowned Brahmin families in South India, known for erudition in Sanskrit and the absolute command in conducting rare yagnas like Dasamahavidya, Naga-Astra Yagna, Aghora Yagna, Shoolini Yagna, Sharabha Yagna, Pratyangira Yagna, Shatru-Samhara Yagna and such.

The worship method of each one of the Mahavidyas differs from that of the others. For instance, the worship of Tripura Sundari and Kamala are mild. The worship of Kali, Tripuasundari and Tara are strongly individualized tantric rituals, rooted in their specific Mantras, Mandalas and Yantras, conducted in secrecy. The method of worshiping Kali, Tara, Chinnmasta, Baglamukhi and Dhumavati are apparently violent.

Different Mahavidyas are associated with different powers and one of the Dasamahavidyas particularly worth mentioning is Goddess Bagalamukhi. Bagalamukhi is strongly related to achievement of great powers, the most prominent being the power of ‘Stambana’ or the creation of a state of paralysis on one’s enemies. It is said at the end of her Stotra in the Agama text Rudrayamala Tantra that “those who worship Bagalamukhi will be able to make their enemies deaf and dumb, destroy their intellect and turn their wealth into poverty.” Her paralyzing and stupefying power applies to motion, thought and initiative. Baglamukhi is the deity to be worshiped for winning in legal confrontations and for emerging victorious in political elections.

Through our Dasamahavidya Yagna, we will pray to the divine mother to grant you the virtues of: the generosity of Chinnamasta; the valor in battle of Bagalamukhi; the wrath of Dhumavati; the majestic stature of Tripura Sundari; the forbearance of Bhuvanesvari; control over enemies like Bhairavi; and power to make captivating speeches and influence people like Mathangi. With this Yagna is performed, there is re-sewing, re-webbing and re-weaving of the vibrations of your energy. Therefore your whole experience of life is transformed and fast progressing. You start attracting what is best for you. You start attracting what you need and what you want and desire. This Yagna has the absolute capability to refine subtle energies in the universe and manifest the energies in a variety of ways.

Dashamahavidhya Yajna is one the strongest of all Yajnas in Hinduism which promises instant results. It demands exceptional spiritual power on the part of the performer and unlike any other pujas the power of superconsiousness that it sends through the nadis, thus awakening the Kundalini has tremendous power for making just anything and everything happen for a person in one’s material and spiritual life. Performing Dasamahavidhya Puja (Dasamahavidya Pooja or Dasamahavidya Puja, Dusmahavidya Puja, Dashamahavidhya Pooja) is like walking on the edge of a razor blade, it is a high risk-high return worship and is supremely dangerous yet very rewarding. Selected hand picked Pundits at AstroMerits are great worshipers of the divine Dasamahavidyas.  Dasamahavidya Yajna of the most complex, elaborate, effective, rare Vedic Yajnas. With the blessings of the fiercest deities in Sanathana Dharma, you will effectively be waging your own defense against your enemies and also against any erosion that threatens your prosperity, security, and growth and will take complete control over your destiny. 

Our knowledge and expertise in Vedic Yagnas is practical, and hopefully, of significant use to you.



Dasamahavidya Puja
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