Children Astrology

Your Child's future, Child Horoscope, Kids Horoscope

How bright is my Child’s future? What line of education/job will he undertake, years from now? Want to know, which line of education suits him/her best?

We will tell you precisely that. Your Child’s Horoscope is studied for any ‘Bala-Arishras’ and ‘Bala-Doshas’ (Negative Influences during Childhood obstructing excellence found in the Horoscopes for kids). Remedies are suggested for rectifying the same. The rules for analyzing the Horoscopes for Kids is not very different from that of an adult except that certain aspects in the birth chart are studied in-depth. These are - The Child’s health, possible illnesses, the educational prospects, possible break in education, the quality of education, prospects for overseas education, the most suitable field of study suitable the child as per the horoscope etc.

So is your Child becoming an Astronaut? Actor? Pilot? Software Guru? Doctor? Stock Broker? Exporter? or a Politician? Know these answers to your dreams from the best Vedic Astrologers in this small planet, know the future of your Child from AstroMerits.


Children Astrology
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