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AstroMerits delivers amazingly accurate, On-Target Vedic Career Astrology Predictions and complimentary remedy recommendations by the best Vedic Astrologers of this Planet.

We study various aspects of your Horoscope from different angles to judge and ascertain your career prospects. The most relevant
House  in your Horoscope w.r.t your Career is the tenth house of your Horoscope, from the Ascendant, Sun, Arudha Lagna as well as the Moon.

In Career Astrology, the tenth house is called the house of Karma, which forms the foundation of the edifice of Human life. It should be borne in mind that a person is nothing without action. Action (also regarded as Career) is the be-all and end-all of human existence in the world today. Man takes birth only to work out his past karma and to do better karma in this life in preparation for a better life hereafter. It is through actions that we judge a man. Hence karma, action, career, job or profession is a fundamental factor of a man’s mundane life.

The 10th house of the Career Horoscope is also designated as ‘maana sthana’, meaning the house of self respect, honor and pride. The tenth house of Career Horoscope is the ‘Kshatriya Kendra’ and it goads man into taking action. It is common knowledge amongst Career Astrologers that the general method of reading a person’s career is through the lord of Navamsa occupied by lord of the tenth house. Owing to the complexity of professions in today’s world, this method might prove grossly insufficient wherever accuracy is desired. In ‘Prasna’ Astrology, First House also indicates one's Career. The tenth house is represents the career and happens to be the house playing the prominent role of all the houses in the birth chart.

When a particular house or bhava (bhava is the sanskrit word for 'house'; there are 12 houses in the Zodiac, corresponding to 12 Solar-Months) is considered in Vedic Career Astrology, all other bhavas also come into the picture in some relationship or the other with the house under consideration, as they are all intrinsically connected. No bhava examined in isolation can give an accurate account of itself. As far as Career Astrology is concerned, we need to study all other houses as well and their relationships with the tenth house. The fifth house for instance happens to be the eighth from tenth house and denotes major changes in one's Career like joining a new job etc. Predicting transfers for instance, in a Career horoscope, the transfer might be from one place to another, change to higher or lower grades, and change of job itself to another etc. We can analyze the fourth house as well for predicting transfer of location and come to conclusions. Different Rashi’s represent different groups of countries thus helping us predict even international projects, travels and appointments etc w.r.t your Career.

The existence of excellent Yoga’s like Mahayogas, Rajayogas, Mahapurusha Yogas, Mahabhagya, Kesari, Adhiyoga, Vasumat, Pushkala, Lakshmi, Saraswati etc contributes to a great fortune, depending on their strength in your Career Horoscope. The different yoga’s and the relative strength they possess in influencing your career also need to be looked at. Your eighth house (eleventh from tenth) if beneficially disposed can provide you with huge loans to take up large enterprises successfully; if malefically disposed, it can make a person debt ridden. The artha trikonas (second, sixth and tenth houses) have a direct correlation with the career of a native. The stronger of sixth or seventh house decides the service orientation/business entrepreneurship of the native. The ‘boss’ in one's job/career is seen from ninth house in dasamsa and one's Career Subordinates from fifth house. The titles and honors are seen from the Rajyapada. Our Expert Vedic Astrologer will also study the transits at that time by planets and the features of the sign like Urdwamukha, Sirsodaya or Prushtodaya. We will employ the Ashtakavarga system of Parasara Maharshi to fix up the time and of course the dasa and antar dasa influences and also employ certian ancient secret methods of making intelligent inferences, mabye not known or used by 99.99% of all good Vedic Astrologers, and make exceptionally accurate Career Predictions

Before making any inferences from your Career Horoscope, We will judge and address the whole horoscope as a single unit and ascertain it's status by employing multiple methods, and post that when our Astrologer ventures a Career Prediction, then the astrologer’s Career Predictions will be surprisingly accurate. Our amazing Accuracy, derived by true mastry of the Vedas coupled with the power of intution gained through sadhanas is the reason why we even have some good Astrologers as our esteemed clients. We are the Astrologer's Astrologer!

Get the best Career Predictions, suggestions and remedies. Arm yourself with the information and make the right career moves with confidence. Understand and vitalize your career prospects with our Vedic Career Astrology Analysis from the very best Vedic Astrologers in the Planet. Get complimentary remedy suggestions and Puja suggestions and Fast forward your Career with AstroMerits!

Career Astrology
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