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Indian Astrology is the mother of all Astrological thoughts across the world. In Indian Astrology, the Prasna branch – the Horary or Interrogational Indian Astrology is the wonder of wonders. Horary Astrology is one media through which one can realize the planetary vibrations working. The entire universe including the man and all his actions is the subject of study of Astrology. There is no topic under the Sun which does not come under the fold and purview of Vedic Astrology and it includes buying and selling of all kinds of movable and immovable property.  In fact there is a full fledged branch of horary Astrology adjudging the suitability of Plots and Landed Property called Vaasthuprashna and another branch Laabhaprashna deals about the gain/loss in a Buy-Sell transaction. All topics are dealt with in detail in treatises from Kerala like Prashnamarga, Prashnaanushtaanapaddhathi, Prashnayana in chaste Sanskrit. The following sloka from Prasnaprakasha glorifies the branch of Prasna thus:

Satyam satyam puna : satyam udyutyakaram uchyate

Vedat sastram param naasthi prasnat jyothishauchyate

The author says, “I would raise my hand and swear three times to pronounce that there is nothing superior in Astrology than Prasna”. Taking the help of Prasna charts, the Expert Vedic Astrologers at Astromerits use their exceptional skills to observe and interpret the languages of Mother Nature in evaluating a buy/sell question from different perspectives, with due consideration of the complexities if any.

The Buy/Sell Astrological advisory provided by Astromerits is an indispensable tool in the daily lives of businessmen, merchants and common man for buying and selling articles. There are just two basic questions here:

1) Should I buy this property?

2) Should I sell this property?

The objective of buying something is to sell it for profit and aim of selling is to profit from the sale. In a Buy-Sell prasna chart the lagna lord represents purchase, the second and evelenth lords based on dispositions yield either profit/loss. The same is inferred from the following sloka:

Balashali vilagnam chedgrahyate tatruyanakam

Tasmattruynakalaabaha prashturbhavathi nischitam

 In a query like “Will I be able to buy a particular article?” and the Ascendant lord and the lord of eleventh happen to be in mutual trines or sextiles, one can easily purchase the article in view. The combination may differ depending on the type of article involved. For landed property Mars should be unafflicted, for Vehicles, it is Venus, in case of new companies, it is mercury, if factory then Saturn etc. We advice our clients based on our own intelligent interpretation. Our experience suggests that the Buy-Sell cases submitted for our recommendation are fairly complex, involving legal issues, family problems etc. But the entire range of possible external disturbances have been thought of and elucidated by our seers in their works. The following sloka from Prasnamarga talks about the outcome of a litigation:

Budaha papa yuthaschetas vivadhe pariboothi krith

Ksheena manahapeeda karothi pariprichataam

It says “If Mercury is afflicted, one loses in litigation and if moon is weak and afflicted, it gives mental anguish”

 Your questions relating to routine and not so routine aspects of life involving Buy-Sell decisions can be elaborately discussed with our astrologer over phone/voice chat/video chat in a mutually convenient time. Propel your speculative life with intelligent recommendations from Astrological experts.


Buy-Sell Astrology
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