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A Partnership works on the premise that the collective good and efficacy of the partners is better than all for them doing good for their respective selves. In Vedic Astrology, the partnership is indicated by the Seventh house of all the partners looking at their horoscopes, gauging their fortunes, analyzing their weak and strong points, studying their tolerance, acceptance levels, business skills etc. In a single partner scenario, your Eighth house (Second from Seventh house, representing Income of your partner) should not have any relationship with Twelfth house (your loss!) or the Fifth house (partner’s gain!). It suggests that you will simply lose your money to year partner, hence you shouldn’t have one!

In a multi partner scenario, a Prasna chart is drafted and the strength of the Seventh lord, strength of the Lagna etc is analyzed. If Seventh lord happens to be beneficially associated with the Eleventh house, the partnership will continue. If the seventh lord is having connections with the Sixth or the twelfth house, the partnership will break. The influence of other planets and their aspects is also considered. The influence of Rahu for instance may cause misunderstandings between the partners. However if the Lagna and Eleventh Lord are beneficially disposed and associated  with the fifth and eleventh house, the malefic influence of Rahu will be cleared off.

Also the Navamsha position of the Seventh lord in the Prasna chart has to be examined. The business factors and identified and associated with the respective planets. ‘Sun’ may represent the Government, the Board of Directors or the CEO of the company etc, the Moon will be the Marketing Head and so on, depending on the type of partnership firm/company/industry. The critical Business success factors are studied and the bearing of individual partners on the same is analyzed.       

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Business Partnership Astrology
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