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Planets are entrusted with the duty of declaring clear and well-balanced instructions based on the laws of nature based on which we live and move and have our being. Fire, air, earth, water, animals, humans are all are subjected to, or, aided by the motion of the planets. They cannot be separated from anything that has life in. To study the influence of planets is to know what person and his dealings on earth will be worth, what one can do to prepare oneself, by purity, so as to reproduce god’s laws in all actions in life in process of evolution. The best way to reap maximum profit out of a man’s material business is to make it conform to the astrological laws in his Business Horoscope.

The Vedic Astrological Business Horoscope explains the business best suited to the native and indicates the field to pursue to succeed in the chosen business and the good and bad times for implementing effective business decisions. It is possible to start some business or the other in haste, to find some partners in passion and propagate, to build a mansion and multiply luxuries ad infinitum. But the question of all questions is When shall I set up a business, What business should I set up, When shall I see profit, When shall I take the business global, How shall I build, Enjoy, Move, Preserve Capital and Discipline every function of my business as to evoke the true melody of running an amazingly successful business and procure greater and more lasting achievements lasting many generations by co-operating with the laws of nature?

The world’s greatest question is When and how will I do all this? To this Business Astrology alone has the right answer. Millionaires hire consultants and Billionaires hire astrologers. As in food, medicine, or music, so in time, so in business, it is the selection that determines the results.

The following are few common questions we come across at AstroMerits:

  • Will I be in a job or engage in Independent and partnership business?
  • Will I attain financial/administrative/social status through business?
  • Will I continue the same business throughout my life or will I diversify and develop?
  • When will I start earning through my business?
  • Will I be able to manage my business activities smoothly without set-backs?
  • Which role suits me best as a Businessman - Manufacturer, Trader, Commission Agent, Shipper, Dealer, Publisher or Retailer?
  • Should I make XYZ business decision? If so when?
  • Between Leather business, Scrap Iron business, Hotel- Keeping and Liquor which business is best for me?
  • Would I do well in mining business?
  • How is Software business? How about Business Process Outsourcing, Agriculture? Shipping ? Engineering ? Education business?
  • When should I go for a public listing in stock markets so as to maximize the gains? Is this the best time to come up with an IPO?
  • Will the loan be sanctioned? When would the liquidity be solved?
  • Should I set up a new office? Open a new branch or a retail outlet?

The ability of Business Astrology to foresee and provide answerers to all the questions is absolutely amazing. For instance, answering a question from above about the nature of business best suiting an individual:-

Leather Business- Tenth house of the native’s birth chart has to be a Jeeva Rashi, preferably owned and occupied by Jupiter. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are Jeeva Rashis. Mercury and Jupiter are Jeeva Grahas. Their connections with Jeeva Rashi’s indicate if the native can succeed as a Leather Merchant. Examining the other Houses and Divisional charts for cross-checking, the predictions become highly accurate. Method owes its origin to the Kerala’s classic ‘Prashnamarga’.

Iron Business- Cordial relationships between Dhathu Rashis (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and Dhathu grahas( Sun, Saturn and Rahu).

Hotel Business-Mars governs Hotels. More of Marian Vargas in tenth house. Also Aries Rashi governs hotels.

Liquor Business- Aquarius, Scorpio govern liquor. Planets Saturn and Rahu also determine toddy.

By evaluating the combinations arising out of a the native’s horoscope the appropriate Business to be pursued is predicted after studying the other important houses governing success in business, in general. Other Houses being- The First House (Ascendant’s effectiveness); The Second House (Wealth and Earning Capacity); The Sixth House (Service, Loans, Labor, Enemies, Obstacles); The Seventh House (Representing private business, partners, social relationships and trade); The Tenth House (Indicating profession); The Eleventh House( Gains, Business Success); The Twelfth House (Indicating business losses, secret enemies in one's business); The Darapada, the Arudha of the Seventh House (Business Strength, Stability, nature and kind of business); The Bhagya (Luck) should be well aspected, well positioned and strong and the dasha systems and annual charts. If the analysis of all the aforementioned factors as per the rules of Business Astrology yields a positive result, the native is sure to occupy a high position of honor, generating huge profits through his business and will discharge his duties to the society efficiently and honorably.

At AstroMerits in our own humble way we attempt to decipher and explain to you the nature and structure of the correct business and help you take business decisions thus assisting you in running the business. We will inform you the brighter and darker sides of your business life, your chances of success and failure, the best time for making a business move and much more. We are sure that the AstroMerits Astrology Business Report with the appropriate remedies and recommendations will prove to be a one of the major factors contributing towards in the success of your business. – Providing your Business with the Superior Universal Consciousness for better Intuition and Business Success!

Business Horoscope
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