Budha Puja - Remedy for Budha Graha - Planet Mercury

Budha Pooja ( Budh Puja) - Remedy for Mercury

Mercury or Budha, as we know, is a sphere of rock and iron, heavily cratered by hits of stellar objects, boiling at day time and freezing at night revolving at a distance of about 57 million miles from the Sun. Mercury in Vedic astrology is also called Sasiputra, Budha is considered to be an offspring of Chandra. The word ‘Budha’ means recognition. Budha symbolizes speech and intellect in man. A knowledge of how the wisdom is being stolen away comes to man on self mastery. A man of self-control can recognize how sense organs affect his life decisions, business decisions, career decisions, monetary decisions and personal decisions. A benefic budha in a birth chart prevents a man from unintelligent brooding over sense-objects and recognize the right opportunities, understand him self and the environment in which he operates and take the best life decisions.

Mercury in Vedic astrology is also referenced by other names like Rauhineya, Saumya, Jna, Bodhana, Vit and Hema, budha is supposed to be an inherent benefic. By virtue of its association with malefic, budha may become weak and change its character. Allegorically the planet-deity is described as riding on a chariot made of wind and fire; and the chariot is drawn by eight horses, whose speed is that of gale. Budha is considered to be an offspring of Chandra according to Visnupurana. This can remind astronomers, the attrition theory which they believe to have caused the birth of Planets by mutual pull and tear of the matter that existed then.

The two tutelary deities of Budha are forms of Vishnu. According to Sritatva-nidhi they are Vishnu and Purusha: Vishnu as adhidevta and Purusha as pratyadidevata.

The mantra for worshipping Budha is found in Yajur Veda (YV, Taittiriya-Samhitha- 4,7,13,5).

Ud budyaswagne prathi jagrehi

Twam ishta purthe sam srejetamayam cha |

Asmin sadhasthe adhyuttarasmin

Vishve deva yajamanscha seedathu ||

“O Agni, arise and wake up (in our hearts) (udbudhyasva, prathi jagrehi), let us work together (sam srjetham) in religious acts and social and duties (ishtapurthe), and stay together hereafter (uttarasmin); preside over (adhi-sidatha) all the gods (devah, viz our sense-organs) and the performer of the sacrifice (yajamana, viz. ego)”.

The Rigvedic hymn for adoration of the adhidevatha of Budha, Vishnu is ‘idam vishnur vi chakrame’ (1,22,17), a well-known hymn. The rishi of the hymn is Medhatithi-kanva, devatha Vishnu and Gayathri chandas.

Idam Vishnur vi chakrame

Tredha ni dadhe padam |

Samulhamsya pamsure ||

“Vishnu (as Trivikrama) traversed (vi chakrame) in three strides (tedha ni dadhe padam), and the entire Universe became completely hidden in the dust raised by his foot (asya pamsure samilham)”

For adoring the pratyadhidevatha of Budha as the Purusha, another famous hymn known popularly as ‘Sahasraksha’ is used. The hymnal collection is celebrated as ‘Prusha-suktha’.

Sahasra sheersha purushaha sahasraksah sahasra-pat |

Sa bhumin visvato vrtva atyatishtat dasangulim ||

“The primaeval Person (Purusha) has a thousand heads (sahasirsha-thousand signifying countless), a thousand eyes (sahasrakshaha) and a thousand feet (sahasra-pat). He composed the entire Universe (sa-bhumin visvato vrtva) and remains ten angulas (dasangulim, meaning many paces) above it (atyatisthat)”.  

In the above mantra the heads, eyes and feet symbolize God’s will, vision and activity. Remaining above the Universe signifies the pervasion of Purusha outside the Universe also. Purusha is so called because he abides within the heart-space of every creature (‘asyam puri sete tasmat purusah’, Satapatha-brahmana, 13,6,2,1).    Vishnu-dharmottara( 3,69,2) prescribes that Budha, along with other grahas must be installed in the second enclosure of Vishnu’s shrine.

Pujas to Mercury is highly recommended if you are currently running Mercury Antardasha (Budha Antardasha) or Budha Mahadasha (Mercury Mahadasha). Consult our astrologers and know how you can channelize Mercury’s powers in your life by fruitfully employing Budha Puja, Homam or Yajna.


Budha Puja - Remedy for Budha Graha - Planet Mercury
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