Birth Time Correction

Correcting Time of Birth, Birth Time Rectification

Rectification of Birth Time (Birth time correction) can be done for determining your exact Birth Time as per date of birth. The Horoscope is rectified by taking the past events into account. The exact Birth time is accurately determined by an elaborate systematic process.

Ajay and Vijay are twin brothers. They were born on the same day and at the same place with a birth time gap of only 3 minutes. The family Astrologer casted their horoscopes and both had the same Rashi Chart, the Astrologer predicted similar results for both.  Yet Ajay grows up to be a highly successful engineer and his brother just an ordinary clerk in an office. Well the reason here is simple; the divisional charts and special lagnas change at such a fast pace that it is impossible to be ignored. 3 Minutes is long enough to cause major changes in one’s life. What this means for you and for me and for anybody without a twin brother/sister is that if your birth time happens to be wrong by say only two minutes, well then you are actually submitting your unborn twin’s horoscope as per time of birth as believed by you to an astrologer and if he makes future predictions for you with that, how accurate will it be? Well, your guess is as good as mine on this one! And that is the reason why rectifying your horoscope becomes the basis for making any meaningful astrological predictions. Do you want to trust that unadjusted wrist watch of the doctor or assistant with your major life decisions? Well what was the definition of birth? Is it the first time the head is seen or it the time when the nuptial cord which was cut, or the first breath/cry in this world?

We need to understand that many people are born in a gap of 5 minutes. It is our experience at AstroMerits that the birth times are given to us aren’t very accurate in the vast majority of the cases.  The number of clients who tell us that they were born at times like 11.30pm, 2am, between ‘8pm and 9pm’ is much greater than the number who give us timings like '02:47 AM+/- 5 minutes’. The wrong memory of the mother or father when giving the correctly noted birth time to the astrologer is also a major reason for the inaccurate birth timings. The best way to rectification of birth time is to work backwards by moving the birth time data given to find a time in the neighborhood of the reported birth time that explains the nature, attitude, aptitude, credentials, societal and family life and the known events from native’s past. This happens to be a highly time consuming process, but there is no other proven method of birth chart rectification. The lagna change in the Divisional Charts Birth charts happens very fast. By using the divisional charts like dasamsa, chaturthamsa and navamsa that provide concrete and easily measurable inferences, the native’s the birth chart can be rectified to. Divisional charts with lagnas near to the border in the occupying signs must never be ignored. Employing these methods alone, we can arrive at +-5 minutes range of the actual birth time, it is better to focus on divisional. Now, the application of ‘Kalachakra dasa’ and ‘Tajaka’ correction methods will help us find to the exact birth time of the native. Thus using macro and micro rectification methods the birth time is precisely determined.  Take the first step in Vedic Astrology, know the real birth time. You can order the Birth Time Rectification report from us and get your Birth time rectified by the best Vedic Astrologers on Earth.

Birth Time Correction
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