Birth Day Puja to Shiva Ganapati Parvathi Vishnu and Surya

A Birth Day Puja with AstroMerits is an ideal Birth day gift for your loved ones. On the day of their Birthday, pujas are done to please the particular nakshatra devatha and the lording planet, as well as the Gods Shiva, Ganapati, Parvathi, Vishnu and Surya. Blessings are sought from all Gods to bless the native with health, wealth, intelligence, long life, prosperity and happiness.

In Birth Day Puja, Puja to one additional god is also performed free of cost, depending on your requirement. If the native is a student then the puja can be to the goddess of learning ‘Saraswati’. If the Business is the priority for the native then Lakshmi Devi can be chosen, if health is the issue then the God can be Lord ‘Mritunjaya’ etc. You need to mention your requirement in the ‘Special Requirements’ section while checking out and we will select the appropriate deity to propitiate.   

Birthday puja is a Laghu (small) puja to six different gods and the nakshatra devatha. The entire puja shouldn’t take more than three-four hours. Like with all the Pujas at AstroMerits, you can enjoy the live view of the Birth day puja as well. You may video call us and enjoy the live view of the puja or voice call us to listen to the Mantras or connect through the internet and see the pujas live streaming of the pujas to you. You can send us yours and/or your loved one’s Yahoo/Gmail chat id a day before the puja so that we can add you to our friends list.

A Birth Day Puja is the best gift for someone you truly love, and for whose well being you truly care. Birthday Puja is a visible, sacred gift! You and your loved ones can connect to us and watch the Puja Performance Live! Book the Birthday puja with us and give the best to your loved ones.


Birth Day Puja to Shiva Ganapati Parvathi Vishnu and Surya
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