Baglamukhi Puja

Shatru Samhara Baglamukhi Puja, Bagalamukhi Pooja, Homam and Yajna for Destruction of Enemies

Bagalamukhi (Baglamukhi Devi) is the most powerful deity in the whole of Hinduism for Upasana. The dhyana mantra states that she catches hold of the enemies tongue with the left hand and strikes him with a mace held in her right hand. Purely because of this nature, she is called Vakstambanakari (paralyzer of enemy's speech). She is a companion of Goddess Varahi and promotes Raja Yoga (Grants king like status to the worshipper) to those who wish to have extraordinary powers. Bagalamukhi is the inner power of Kurma avathara of Lord Maha Vishnu. Infact Bagalamukhi is strongly associated with supernatural and magical powers and her ability to immobilize and attract others and should be worshipped by those seeking radical changes in their lives.

Bagala gives the power to overcome hostile forces, which inwardly are the negative thoughts and emotions born of the ego. Bagalamukhi is used as a weapon to destroy negativity. Negativity is not so much a force that has to be destroyed as a distracted state of mind that has to be brought to rest.

In Bagalamukhi Yantra, the lotus with eight petals represents the manifested form of prakrithi. Bagalamukhi’s paralyzing and stupefying power are represented by the downward pointing triangle inside the hexagram. She is often called Pitambara-devi, “she who is dressed in yellow”. In Bagalamukhi-Puja Paddhathi (instructions for Goddess Bagalamukhi’s worship), her worshipper is required to offer yellow things, be dressed in yellow, use yellow turmeric beads, use of yellow is compulsory. It is said at the end of her stotra in Rudrayamala that those who worship Bagalamukhi will be able to make their enemies deaf and dumb, destroy their intellect and turn their wealth into poverty. Her paralyzing power applies to motion, thought and initiative. She gives the power of forceful and intelligent speech to her worshipper to counter and defeat any opponent, no matter how brilliant and is especially useful in winning court cases.

In Sankyayana Tantra, Bagalamukhi is said to possess Brahmastra, the most potent weapon as per the Vedas. She gives her devotees’ heightened sensory abilities and perception enabling them to overcome, outwit and control other people. At the same time her paralyzing power helps to control our greed and grants wisdom, intellect and liberation.

There is a huge, immense drain on the spiritual powers of any sadhaka who undertakes a Baglamukhi Sadhana, Baglamukhi Yajna or Bagalamukhi PujaIf the puja is done improperly or if there are mistakes, then the deity will confer just the opposites of the benefits to the priest. The malefic effects will backfire on the sadhak. For this reason, the worship of Bagalamukhi is dreaded by 99% of India’s learned scholars, Vedic Pundits and experts. Genuine, qualified practitioners of her sadhana are very few in number. Even though many preists claim to worship Bagalamukhi, those with the ability to bring about the desired results are very very few to the best of our knowledge. The sadhaka must worship Maa Bagalamukhi for days at a stretch with the observance of strict celibacy, and this commands an excellent physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual powers. The Kundalini wave patterns and the thought formations demand a huge degree of boldness as well in the worshipper. Roughly 99% of all Vedic Perists do not have the inherent skills it in them to fully worship Matha Bagalamukhi. That is how complex and powerful her worship is. To worship Baglamukhi in the proper way is very difficult, yet very important.

Worship Goddess Bagalamukhi in your life, experience the powers of Sanathana Dharma. Experience the power of God for real in your life and then you will be able to appreciate the powers of the supreme God like never before. A Baglamukhi Yajna at AstroMerits can bring you victory in Legal confrontations, Elections etc help you win over any enemy, no matter how mighty and give you a Great Raja Yoga. 


Baglamukhi Puja
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