Baby Birth Prediction

Children Astrology Report – Baby Birth Prediction

Birth of children and entry into parenthood makes an Individual’s personality complete. Our Dharma Shastras lay down that to propagate the line is one of the duties of man and the consummation of the wedlock is realized in the birth of a healthy child who becomes the knot binding together the hearts of man and wife. One must therefore be very fortunate to have good and long-lived children. In astrology the fifth house which is also called as “Poorva Punya Bhava” indicates progeny, ninth house which is fifth, from fifth on the basis of principle of “Bhavaath Bhavam” as well as the seventh house are important for the birth of the child. All these houses and their lords should be well placed in the birth chart as well as the navamsha. The fifth, seventh and ninth lords should not be debilitated, combust, ill placed, under malefic aspect, involved in inauspicious yogas like “papakarthari yoga” etc. Jupiter the karaka for progeny should be strong both natal horoscope as well as Saptamsha. All the above mentioned points should be checked in Navamsha and from Moon, Ascendant and the lord’s shouldn’t be afflicted.

In Fifth House Astrology (or Children Astrology), the time of birth is predicted using dasha principles, transits, annual charts etc. Point to note in when studying transits is that Mars is as important as Jupiter as Mars is the signifactor of blood, plays a very important in conception. Mars transits/aspects should be there in the aforesaid houses/planets at the time of birth or within +-75 days of birth of child.

It is also necessary to examine the horoscopes of wife and husband relating to their capacity to parenthood.  For this purpose ‘Kshetra Sputa’ for women and ‘Beeja Sputa’ for men are calculated. After their calculation, their placement in the fertility horoscope or pregnancy horoscope is studied (Do they fall on dry signs? Do they fall on a dusthana and so on)

Like all the Astrological reports at AstroMerits, this report comes with free remedies and suggestions to cure possible doshas causing hindrance or delaying a child birth. Get your Children/ Progeny report now. Let your fertility horoscope tell you your prospects of having a nice and wonderful baby!

Baby Birth Prediction
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