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According to Ayurveda illness is caused by violation of various constituents of the body such as the seven Dhatus, the three Dosas and Malas. The entire human activities are controlled by the three important humors – Vatha (Wind), Pitta (Bile) and Sleshma (Phlegm). Each of the planets is capable of causing many a disease when it is afflicted, powerless, ill placed or combust. The Sun rules bile, the Moon – wind and phlegm, Mars- bile, Mercury- all he three datus, Jupiter-phlegm, Venus-wind and phlegm and Saturn- wind.

There are certain combinations or yogas which confer upon an individual excellent health, and there are others which render a person a chronic sufferer from diseases.  In this connection Sage Haritha states: “The sin committed by a person in his previous life afflicts him in the form of diseases. But one could eradicate them by means of medical treatment, gifts, Japas, Sacrifices and Worship of Gods.”

With the advancement of civilization, the number of diseases and complications are increasing. Every disease Human Beings are heir to has been defined in various systems of medicine. If we reduce this definition to its constituent elements, we will find that we can allot an astrological factor to each of the constituents and thereby bring the problem within the domain of astrology. For example if we take up “Lunacy” for consideration, we can roughly say by way of definition that a man will develop “Lunacy” if his power of reasoning is impaired and the field of emotions upset. In the domain of astrology the power of reasoning is represented by more than one factor.  The lord of lagna represents the first part of the human system and as such represents the brain i.e. “reasoning power” along with the lagna itself. Again the fifth house is the house of reasoning. The house and its lord stand for the “power of reasoning”. The planet mercury is the significactor or karaka for intellect and has to be taken onto account in any problem involving a consideration of the “power of reasoning.” Mercury governs brain and nerves.  Coming to the emotional side of the disease we must consider the fourth house and its lord, which stand for emotions and sentiments. Moon is the most important significator for emotions and sentiments and cannot be dispensed within such a consideration. The word “Lunancy” has “Lunae” origin, meaning it has relation with Moon.  For a proper consideration of the problem of “Lunancy”, all these factors have to be thoroughly examined.

The modern day way of judging one’s health by measuring the chest and abdomen of the person by weighing the person results in labeling certain candidates for certain duties as fit, and yet after few months they become invalid! This is because the doctors cannot foresee the diseases that fall on a man. The psycho-somatic, holistic-comprehensive approach differentiates Vedic Astrology from conventional medical systems. Essentially analyzing the Health Horoscope and making accurate predictions is a spiritual science elevating the baser tendencies of the individual to a noble status. Vedic Astrology concepts are applied skillfully and combinations mentally analyzed, and double-checked.  Health Horoscopy is a Vedic science and an art. Submit your Birth timing with us and have your Health Horoscope analyzed. Employ the remedies suggested into your life and get wise- Health wise!

Astrology for Health
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