Ashtalakshmi Puja

Eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi, known as Ashtalakshmi, are recognized in iconographical works. Ashtalakshmi Puja (Ashtalakshmi Pooja) brings us success in our jobs/businesses and helps amass immense wealth.

Of these eight forms Gajalakshmi is perhaps the most popular. She is usually figured on the lentils of door frames. She is seated on an eight-petalled lotus, has four hands and is carrying a lotus, a pot of nectar, a bilva fruit and a conch. Behind her, two elephants are shown pouring water over her from pots held in their trunks. When the same goddess has two hands, she is called Samanyalakshmi or Indralakshmi.

If she is depicted with two lotuses in two hands, and the other two hands display the Abhaya and Varada mudras, she is designated as Varalakshmi.

The other forms (Jyeshta Lakshmi, Dhanalakshmi etc) are relatively less common and are worshipped in temples where Goddess Lakshmi happens to be the presiding deity. Ashtalakshmi Puja (Ashtalakshmi Pooja) is said to fetch lots of money and prosperity to the worshipper. Book your AstroMerits AshtaLakshmi Puja today!



Ashtalakshmi Puja
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