Ashta Matrika Pooja - Ashta Matrika Puja

Pujas to Ashta Matrikas, Ashta Matrika Pooja

According to Durgasaptasati, one of the basic texts on Mother-cult, when Kausiki Durga was fighting the demon Raktabija – whose blood, if spilled, could produce demons similar to him- she manifested out of herself seven emanations. These are usually called the Saptamatrkas or the ‘Seven little Mothers’. They are Brahmi (or Brahmani), Mahesvari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Narasimhi and Aindri (or Indrani). As their very names indicate, they are Saktis of Brahma, Isvara, Kumara (Skanda), Vishnu, Varaha, Narasimha and Indra. Hence they have the same forms, weapons and vehicles as their lords. Sometimes Narasimhi is substituted by Chamunda (or Chamundi). Along with the original deity – called Durga Mahalakshmi – they are counted as eight or Ashtamatrikas.

Esoterically speaking, Brahmi represents the primordial Nada, the energy in which even the first throb hasn’t yet appeared. This is the very first sound (Logos), the origin of all creation. It is the same as the substance or energy represented by the Pranava (Om). When Brahmi creates the universe, the power of Vaishnavi gives it a definite shape. The symmetry, beauty, organization and order in the universe are the work of Vaishnavi. Maheswari stands for the power that gives individuality to the created beings. She decides in the hearts of all and makes them play, like dolls mounted on a machine. Kaumari, the ever youthful deity , represents the ever present force of aspiration of the evolving soul. She is ‘Guruguha’ (Guruguha being one of the names of Kumara or Skanda whose energy she is), the ‘Guru’ (guide, teacher) in the Guha (the cave of heart, the intellect). Varahi is the all consuming power of assimilation and enjoyment. Because of her, the living beings get their food and all physical enjoyments. Aindri or Indrani symbolizes the terrible power that destroys all that opposed the cosmic law. Chamunda is the force of concentrated awareness, the power of spiritual awakening in the heart that devours the causeless activity of the immature mind and uplifts it to the highest level.

The Ashtamatrikas are grouped together with Ganesha and Virabhadra flanking on either side and shown on panels in Siva temples. Occasionally they have a separate shrine built for them. The order or arrangement varies according to the effect desired. If safety of the village is desired then Brahmi is installed in the centre. If increase in population is the goal, Chamunda occupies the centre place.

Worshipping the Matrikas involves a strong and intensive Puja Paddhathi. The Matrikas can confer blessings on all facets of human life and give quick spiritual and worldly progress.


Ashta Matrika Pooja - Ashta Matrika Puja
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