Aayush Homa and Puja

Aayush Homa (Ayush Homam) & Aayush Puja (Ayush Pooja) for a Long Life

Ayush Puja (Aayush Homam, Aayur Puja, Ayush Pooja, Ayush Homam, Aayusha Homam) is performed to lengthen the life of a person. Aayur Puja adds strength, vigor, recovering capability etc to a person who is not in the best of Health. Aayush Homa (Ayush Homa) also has to be performed on the first birthday of a child to lengthen the child’s life span. Prayers are offered to Lord Mritunjaya and Aayur Devatha by the parents of the child wishing the best of everything for their Child including a nurtured upbringing with the blessings of a very long life, health, wealth and happiness.

Aum Aayshyam Varchasyartam rayasposhamidwidam |

Idatram hiranyam varchasva jitrayavisahtadu mam ||                                      

The above sloka is an Aayush Mantra which asks for Aayu (long Life), wealth, intelligence and annihilation of enemies from the Aayur Devata (The deity conferring long life, representing the life force in a person). Aayush Homa is also highly recommended for those with afflicted eighth and third houses in their Rasi Charts. The twelfth house from both these houses, the second and the seventh are called the Marakeshas. The Killer planets must be propitiated to avoid ill effects. Aayush Homa and Maha Mrityunjaa Yaga is recommended for natives with afflictions in their Birth Charts. Get your/your child’s Aayush homa performed by AstroMerits for a great Healthy life full of Happiness.



Aayush Homa and Puja
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